How to Make Best Use of Apps to Boost Small Businesses


We are more than halfway through 2016 and the most apt way to sum these 7 months is by saying that mobile applications are the flavour of the year. And to say that in direct way, the app trend is ruling the roost in the business world. At present, 20% of all the businesses got customised apps that generate revenues for them. It has been predicted by the beginning of 2017, this figure is likely to reach 50% because of the powerful interfacing of business and technology. This is a revolutionary phase. Whether you want to shop or hire a cab, learning chemistry or stay fit, apps are the way to go.
Let’s take a look at how apps are dominant face of the tech world and small businesses.

1) MEAP (Mobile Enterprise App Mobility) – MEAP provide widest range of business solution for any growing organisation and becomes its biggest asset. It is a two way solution for the consumer as well as the owner. MEAP provide a long-term approach by making purchases easy and time saving for the consumer. The owner gets benefitted because his pp mobility manages the very details of the record keeping and inventory stock entries. A small business merely saw 10% of its total traffic from the mobile source, against almost 50% today and it is expected to rise to 70% by 2017. Hence, a shift to a mobile app will become obvious transition in the forth-coming year.

2) Loyalty returns – Nearly 12% of new consumers return to an easy to use app again if the app of the company they always make purchases from isn’t much user-friendly. Ecommerce apps usually have special rewards points and extra discounts for the purchases made through them and this strategy keeps the consumer attracted. Hence, it adds to the returns. In today’s world of fierce competition and smart consumerism, an app proves to be an ideal approach to cut off the distractions. Hence, the scalability rate and conversion rate is very high.

3) Data Preservation – An app is like a memory chip with unlimited data. It benefits the provider because there is a direct entry of every purchase made by the consumer. The provider can make the most of it by using platform applications as they are an all-in-one package. Hence, the data remains always available to him, whether it is in an online and an offline mode. That day is not far when the entire data management will be done through a foolproof web system.

4) Brand optimization – Gone are those days when an app was merely used as a brand establishment tools. An app brings traffic on a portal in the maximum way. Apps are the best way to test the business model and the proof of concept among small businesses. Since apps fan out a direct access to the consumers, they also bring along varied methods for transactions regarding their purchases, adding value to the UX. Ultimately, it is user satisfaction that matters to every business. In fact, a good app can help a company rise above the competition giving it an edge.

5) CPM (Context-aware marketing) and SPA (Single page applications) – The primary motto of a business app is to reach maximum consumers quickly and easily. SPA is a good way to begin with. The advantage of an SPA is that it offers a convenient access while making it less time consuming and hassle free. Hence, the user is bound to use it often. The key to crack a data-driven consumer market is by targeting the specifics.

6) Advertisement outcome – The advertising budget is predicted to explode from $5bn today to $11bn by 2017. In-app ads have an additional sales opportunity bringing more leverage. Those ads which are narrowly targeting ads have a better outcome. Imagine the impact of an ad when you are a middle of a maddening traffic jam and you an ad on a house for sale close to your office? And to know the results of outside promotion concept, Facebook is the best proof.

7) Eradication of showroom culture – Any retail business will save tons of money, if it only markets through an app and is off the physical store. In fact, the business will be able to cut down its prices as it could then be able to afford to do so. This strategy lures new consumers and sustains the regular ones. Also, there are a lot of price comparison apps available for consumers to have maximum savings.

8) Medium for expansion – By now, we surely know how apps are of undeniable importance and a fuel for growth in the business world. An expansion needs a huge task force, staff and drafted management prospects. A customised suitable app will cut down the expenditure and make business implementation more fluid.

To sum the article, it is imperative to say that apps open a whole new world of opportunities for any small business and largely enhance the user experience making technology a reality boon.

Guest article written by: Jennifer. I’m a content curator with 3 years of experience, currently working with An unbiased, non judgmental tech blogger, resourceful web contributor and an internet nerd. Sunshine collector and binge lover.

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