The Coolest Gadgets to Expect in the Near Future

intuitive-tech-gadgets-tabletEveryone loves to play around with gadgets, especially the ones which help in fine-tuning our gaming experience. Some gadgets, on the other hand, can help us become more efficient in the work we do and become an irreplaceable aid in the office.

Zoom Around On a Hoverboard

One of the first thing many people will want to buy, as soon as it goes commercial, will be the hoverboard. There are some available versions, but they’re very limited when it comes to where they can be used. While it might take some time to develop maglev technology to the point it can be used on the street, the idea looks less like science fiction by the minute.

Personal 3D Printers Might Become a Reality

As the printing technology develops, it comes as no surprise that in the near future, people will be able to have their very own 3D printers. While it started off as an expensive toy, it’s potential grew well beyond that. Now you can print almost anything: miniatures, handguns and even plastic exoskeletons. Soon enough, even food will be easy and cheap to print. Keep in mind that while the printer itself comes at a reasonable price, the elements it will need to print something might be on the costly side.

New Phone Technology for a Brighter Future

Even though mobile technology is developing rapidly, seeing something truly innovative is always welcome. The latest evolution of the smartphone comes in the form of the new Tango technology in phones, which takes the smart technology to the next level. Having a phone that is completely aware of its position and can help you see things in 3D in real-time will become handy for many people.

See What Is In Your Fridge

How many times have you opened and closed the fridge and then forgot what’s inside immediately? Too many, right? Instead of wasting time, and precious energy on finding out what’s inside your fridge, let the fridge itself tell you. Installing simple cameras in the doors of the fridge makes it possible to take a peek and see what you need, without having to open anything.

Have Fun While Going to Work

Commuting can get boring quite fast, even if you have someone to carpool with. However, there are many new innovations in personal transport, making it not only fun but also stylish to use. Forget about walking to work, just get a self balancing scooter, and you’re set. Although it can be difficult to master, they’ll will make going to work a breeze. The batteries have a long charge, so you don’t have to worry even if you want to use it whole day long.

Have Smart Glass Help You Out

Augmented reality is becoming very popular, as it can help you when you need to identify something quickly or if you have to find your way somewhere. Smart glass technology is like having a smartphone taped to your eye, only lighter and more stylish. It can be helpful in everyday life, providing you with information directly from the Internet. It can also make working easier and boost efficiency, as you don’t have to waste time searching for trivial things.

Gearing up with smart gadgets can make your life easy, but you should be careful, since not all of them are worth it just yet. Give some time for the new technology to develop and see if it can be as great as it looks promising. Nevertheless, innovation is always welcome and it has the potential to both help with our daily lives and boost our work efficiency, while helping us have fun as well.

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