Easy Ways to Improve Your Toner’s Performance

Want to get more out of your toner? You are not the only one! With the prices that toner cartridges come in these days, making the most out of every drop is a necessity. We all know that getting grabbing yourself a Cartridge People voucher code or two helps with making a saving or two on your toner products.


It does not matter whether you’re an office manager for a multinational company or you run a small home office – you deserve to get the most of out of every penny you spend on your toner replacements and we have listed a number of ways that you can make that happen.

So before you throw out that toner cartridge and replace it with a brand new one, see if you can get a few more pages with these money-saving techniques:

  1. Change fonts. Some fonts use more ink than others. Switch to ink-friendly fonts like Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman and use bold only when necessary. Changing to smaller font sizes will also help you save more ink when printing.
  2. Think before you print. A lot of us haplessly print without thinking about the necessity of using precious ink and paper on it. From silly little signs on the office refrigerator to official correspondences, there are other alternatives to printing. Before hitting the Print button on a document, assess if you can just send it as an email or if you can write it by hand.
  3. Use grayscale. Printing documents in the Color setting even when you only need to print out documents in black and white uses more juice from your toner and uses colored ink unnecessarily as well. Change your printing settings to grayscale instead of printing in color. Be warned, though, that this lightens the print output significantly so don’t use this technique when you’re printing official and important documents.
  4. Print in ‘Draft’ and ‘Toner Saver’ modes. Draft prints come out less vibrant, less bold, and usually lighter than document prints and therefore uses less ink. Like the grayscale technique, use the ‘Draft’ mode for printing only when you don’t need high quality documents. On the other hand, you can use your printer’s ‘Toner Saver’ feature to save on toner use without jeopardizing the quality of your prints.
  5. Shake your cartridge. More often than not, poor quality prints from your toner are only due to the toner powder not being evenly distributed throughout the cartridge. Some ink gets concentrated on one side of the printing channels, causing poor and uneven print results. Carefully take out your cartridge and gently shake it to redistribute the cartridge. Make test prints to see if it works.
  6. Check for blockages. Every now and then cartridges malfunction or produce low quality prints due to blockages in the cartridge. Carefully remove the cartridge and carefully wipe the ink channels with soft, damp cloth, shake to redistribute the powder immediately, and put it back into your printer. Make test prints on them as well.

And for long-lasting printers, don’t forget to only use compatible, high quality toner cartridge to avoid any technical damage to your printer.

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