Google Now on Tap Offers Advanced Service to Its Users

seoSearching is evolving on mobile devices and SEO experts should be ready to implement the right strategies to take advantage of the new technology. Nowadays, maximum people take buying decisions from their mobile devices and unless you are aware of the changes made by Google in terms of searching, it will be difficult to maintain the conversion rate.

Google Now on Tap has announced its latest updates that will allow users on Android to get more insight into words, phrases, and photos. In earlier times, users could get more information about only those things that were displayed on the phone screen. This often led to confusion as the results would not show what users were looking for. There was no option for selecting a particular word or phrase or image and learn in details about it. In this article, we are going to delve into Google Now on Tap and its latest updates.

The Latest Update

With the most recent update, viewers can see information about words even when they are in a chat, e-mail or news article. In other words, we can say that the feature has become something like a virtual dictionary.

If you are reading an e-mail and want to know details about a particular word, you can select it. A separate window will open where you can see the definition of the word as well as links to apps that can give you information about that word.

Not only does the update help users to know about words and phrases, but also about images. Users can select a photo and touch the ‘Home’ button at the same timewhile browsing any photo app.Google Now on Tap will not be restricted solely to Google photos, but can be accessed in apps like, Instagram.

Users can know more about images even when they are using their camera app.In the event that they are using a camera app, they can hold up the phone and touch the Home button. Google Now on Tap will analyze the image and the phone will display a card with links to relevant apps about the picture.

An expert with effective online SEO training can inform you that the option to select words is available only in English at the current moment. It will roll out in other languages in the near future.

The new features will make Google Now on Tap more useful as users will now be able to keep control over what shows on their phone screens.

It is one of the most important features on Android platform. Here are some ofthe functions it can conduct for users.

# For scheduling an appointment

People use calendars to set up appointments. If a user launches the Now on Tap, he or she can also see the name of a business, its site and a map to understand where to go for his or her next appointment. Everytime he or she has an appointment or an interview, the person can actually take the help of this feature to come across a series of data.

# For sports fans

Users who want to know about the score of a match can use Google Now on Tap and get links to sports apps as well as relevant teams. They can click on an app to get into the detail of the match schedule. It is one of the examples of the deep linking ability of Google.

# For music lovers

If a person often listens to music on apps, he can launch the feature to get a whole lot of insight into the song and the singer. In the event that he launches the feature inside a music app, he canget to see a card that displays the artist’s profile, social account and related YouTube videos.

Google Now on Tap with its newest updates can make searching easy and convenient. Launching it in apps helps a person to know everything a person wants about a specific word, phrase or image.

Guest article written by: Mary Ford is an online SEO training expert with a digital marketing company in Connecticut. She trains aspiring Internet marketers to learn about SEO.

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