7 Latest Design Trends You Can’t Ignore


The design of any website is one of the most important things. It will impact the visitors in a go, if the design is good then the visitors will love browsing your site and if it is bad visitors may leave your site quickly. Web design industry is evolving at a rapid rate, If you want to get along this pace then you must have the idea about changing design trends. It will help you to meet the user expectations.

Here is a list of some famous design trends which you can not afford ignoring:

1. Material Design:

Material Design was developed by Google in 2014. it has slowly and steadily gained the popularity among the web designers since its inception and now it is one of the most important design trends to be followed. This design focuses on dynamism as it is based on 3D. It makes use of the shadow effects to brings the charm of some graphical elements in the design. It comes loaded with built-in animations and helps you to create a beautiful looking design which could provide a more user-friendly interface to the visitors. The material design has already empowered Google’s Android applications such as Gmail and Youtube.


2. Responsive Design:

This is one of the most sought after design trends at the present time. Its importance is not seeming to come down in near future as the number of mobile internet users is only increasing day by day. Now the use of internet is not confined to the desktop only, it has spread over the different devices like mobiles and tablets. This is what give rise to the need of a responsive design which is equally compatible with all the devices be it a PC, mobile or a tablet. If you have a website with responsive design you need not build a seprate website for mobile devices. A responsive design website can be easily browsed on every screen size. What makes it even more important is that a responsive design of the site helps it to rank higher in the search engine rankings.


3. Card Like Layouts:

A card-like layout is somewhat a new design trend which is gaining more and more popularity these days. A card like design enables you to organize the products and content in a precise and easy to use manner. This style is now being used as a replacement for the tile-like the layout. It enhances the user experience by generating a design with functionality. It helps to improve the navigation by dividing the content to the cards. A user can easily get the desired information with this design. Moreover, it is a component of the Google’s Material design which makes it even more useful.


4. Flat Design:

The Flat design is not going to lose its value even when new trends are popping out with time. It is a minimalistic design approach that reduces the distractions up to a minimum and improves the usability. Flat design has come a long way to meet the user expectations with regular improvements in it. The latest version of Flat design enables you to use long shadows imparting more depth to the design. This is also known as the Flat Design 2.0 by many designers clearly because of the fact that it is an upgraded version of the previous one. It supports the responsive design which increases its credibility.

flat design

5. Motion Animation:

This is a great trend which is gaining a rapid acceptance in the web design industry. Motion animation helps to draw the visitor attention on the go as our eye tends to attract towards the motion. Moreover, it provides you an effective way of presenting or demonstrating a product or information.

motion enimation

6. Hover Effects:

Hover effects are one of the coolest trends in ongoing design industry. They provide a more natural feel by visually defining the active elements on a site. It helps to make it clear for the user where to click by highlighting the active elements on you site using shadow effects or animations.

Hover Effect

7. Long Scrolls:

This is a famous design trend followed by the designers and the credit for that goes to the mobile devices. Most of the users prefer scrolling down over multiple clicks to browse different pages. That is why these days Websites with long scroll are getting more popular . It improves the navigation and provides the visitors a better user experience.

These design trends are really effective and empowering a number of websites these days. These design trends can help you to build an impressive website and provide your visitors an enhanced user experience.

Long Scrolling

Guest article written by: Jason is a WordPress expert, associated with Wordsuccor Ltd. and has a lot of experience in converting PSD to WordPress. He has delivered numerous range of quality products related to this. He has a strong passion for writing useful and insights about WordPress tips and tricks.

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  1. Design of a website is very important for user experience and it leaves a long lasting impression in the visitor’s mind which makes them visit the website time and again.
    Thanks for this informative post about making a website design better.

  2. Reponsive web design is necessary now a day. If you ignore this point, may be you lost your mobile user. Super guide.


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