Top 8 Smartphone Apps for Drivers

by Guest Author on November 3, 2016

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carappsThese days, smartphones play a huge part in our everyday lives. They keep us connected, in the loop with social media, entertained, and more. However, perhaps one of the biggest uses to get out of your smartphone is when you are behind the wheel. This is because there are a number of great apps available for drivers that can help in a number of ways. Here are the top eight smartphone apps for drivers.


Waze is among the best apps for drivers. Bought by Google, it is the largest traffic and navigation app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It allows you to share traffic and road information in real-time and save other drivers in your area time on their own commutes. The app will alert you of any accidents, traffic jams or when police are around so that you can re-route or prepare to slow down. In addition, you can find the cheapest gas while on your route, as the Waze community shares gas prices. Download Waze at


Automatic is an app that is available for iOS and Android that essentially turns your car into a connected vehicle. With it, you have access to driving tips that can teach you how to save money on gas, always remember where you park, track your fuel levels and set warnings toward fuel usage, and even get free emergency help if you have an accident. The app relies on your GPS and runs in the background while you are driving. Download Automatic at


GasBuddy is a wonderful app available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that is an absolute lifesaver for drivers on their everyday commute. With it, you can find the cheapest prices on gas in your area. Users are essentially a community that reports gas prices so that others can find the best rates when they need to fill up their vehicle’s tank. You can also win weekly prizes on free gas just for reporting prices. Download GasBuddy at


Honk is a great app that allows you to automatically mark where you parked and updates you as to when a parking meter’s time is up. It costs 99 cents and is available for iOS. With it, you can avoid any and all future parking tickets and quickly find your way back to your car. The app also enables you to pay for parking. Download Honk at


TomTom is a navigation app that is available for iPhone. It offers real-time traffic information with the best navigation technology to get you to your destination faster. The maps within the app are automatically stored on your phone and work offline. There is access to over 150 countries with countless destinations, giving you peace of mind that you will always more easily be able to drive to exactly where you want. However, it should be mentioned that the app is free for only up to 50 miles each month. If you require more miles, you have to pay an annual or three year subscription. Download TomTom at


Blitzify is a very useful app for drivers as it allows them to find the best possible service provider for their vehicle when it requires repairs. Available for iPhone, the app gives its user access to the best rates, reviews, price quotes, photos of previous repair work, and much more. Interestingly, Blitzify is also available for service providers and allows them to see which customers are seeking repairs for their vehicles. Service providers can share their information, including prices, which helps drivers to decide on the one they want to work on their vehicle. Download Blitzify at


greenMeter is an app available for iOS that costs $5.99. It is highly effective while on the road, allowing the driver to learn a variety of details regarding their vehicle’s power and fuel usage. The app works by evaluating your driving habits and offers insight into how to increase efficiency, lower environmental impact and reduce your fuel consumption and cost. The results are provided in real-time and the app doesn’t require GPS to work. greenMeter can help you become a more eco-friendly driver in minimal time. Download it at


iOnRoad costs 99 cents and offers peace of mind to drivers as it serves as a warning tool and detection system. The app uses the smartphone’s GPS and camera to detect how long it would take to collide with the vehicle in front of you. Available for iOS and Android, iOnRoad helps you to avoid issues on the road such as accidental tailgating. It also alerts you as to your speed. Download the app at

Each of these apps will certainly help you to have the best possible trip while on the road. You can save money and time, plus improve your driving.

Guest article written by: David Moss is a Detroit based freelance automotive and tech writer. When he is not writing about the latest car technology, he spends his time hiking. You can follow him via Twitter @davidcmoss

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