4 Ways Online Videos Can Boost Your E-Commerce Traffic

The online retail market continues to evolve at a rapid rate with groundbreaking innovations every single day but amidst all these developments, what is that one constant that continues to drive the online consumer web traffic? It is the power of online video marketing that still enhances leads and improves your conversion rates.

If statistics are to be believed, by the year 2020 IP video traffic will have made up 82% of the entire global consumer web traffic on the internet. Whether you are a small business or a big e-commerce giant, you need to incorporate videos into the mix if you want to stay ahead of the competition in the market. This begs the bigger question as to why videos are so important for E-commerce websites? The answer to that question is straightforward. A consumer tends to find a video content more relatable inviting and engaging than product photos. Product videos help people in understanding the product better with detailed information. This post looks to uncover 4 ways online videos can help boost e-commerce traffic for your website:

1. Videos enhance ranking on search engines:

Yes, videos help enhance the ranks of businesses on search engines since higher search engine rankings automatically attract and increases traffic to websites. An increased traffic to the website will subsequently lead to higher conversion rates for the business. Google, the biggest search engine on the block gives a higher rating to pages that have high-quality content and this quality is determined by the presence and absence of video content on the website.

2. Videos help simplify the decision-making process:

There is but a simple reason for a video’s effectiveness. As per insights provided by Google in March 2016, more than 50% of online users look for videos related to the product before buying it. A video steers the decision-making process of an individual by providing clear insights on the product. If you are seeking the latest trends in the tech world then Techno Philes Blog is a must visit. The site has a multitude of articles providing great insights on the latest happenings of the tech world.

3. Videos are more viewable and shareable:

Online users are more inclined to share videos than text messages. They are also more inclined to click on a video thumbnail than on a link with no multimedia content. This implies that creating product videos can result in more visitors to your e-commerce website.

4. Social videos help create awareness for brands and products:

Social media turned out to be a huge contributing factor in boosting traffic for E-commerce websites for the year 2016. A whopping 8 billion videos are viewed on Facebook daily and over 10 billion video stories are seen daily on Snapchat. YouTube stays ahead of the curve with almost a billion hours of videos being watched on the video sharing platform daily. About 62% consumers discover videos about different products and brands on their news feeds which leads them to E-commerce websites.
Video marketing is only bound to grow within the next couple of years as it has proven to be an effective strategy to enhance online conversions.

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