5 Biggest Technology Trends in the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is changing. While the likes of Sajan Hansji have proven an exceptional hotel design can attract thousands of customers, the discerning traveller is also looking for simplified solutions to improve their experience.

In a world defined by technology, many hotels are now using technology to attract and retain guests. We are therefore looking at the five biggest technology trends in the hotel industry.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has not only changed how a guest interacts with a hotel, but how a hotel connects with their guests. Guests expect to be able to book a stay on a mobile-friendly website, or to directly leave a message on a Facebook page using their smartphone.

However, hotels are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile technology within their daily operations. For example, many hotels have deployed mobile keys, which allow a guest to access their room via their smartphone, as well as developing hotel apps that allow guests to check-in or out at the click of a button, without the need to visit the reception area.

Mobile Data

Mobile technology might determine the existing guest experience, but mobile data is transforming future services. For many years, hotels amassed massive amounts of unused data. With companies now realising that data is their most valuable company asset, many businesses are starting to use the mobile data to deliver a more personalized experience.

Hotel Room Technologies

Hotels across the world are starting to update their room technologies to meet the demands of the modern traveller. For example, many companies will make alternations to their rooms to support the devices guests carry with them.
Accommodation providers must try to match the technology facilities a guest has within their own homes. Gone are the days when all a guest wanted is a flat screen TV. Nowadays, they are looking for streaming services and HD content.

Fast Wi-Fi

The one thing most modern guests are looking for is fast Wi-Fi – and they don’t expect to be charged for it. Instead of using up their data, people want to connect to the internet in an instant, and will be more than happy to share their dissatisfaction online if they are subject to slow load times, which could result in prospective guests turning to a competitor with a more accessible bandwidth.

Energy Management

One technology that can have a direct impact on a company’s profit margin are energy management technologies. Hotels should consider integrating the platforms into their operations to reduce their overheads, because monitors can help reduce energy consumption and, in turn, can provide lower energy bills.

Any hotel hoping to compete alongside their industry rivals must consider integrating technology into their business operations. So, start using mobile technology and utilize the generated mobile data to transform the guest experience. Remember, modern travellers are looking for a home away from home, so provide them with the technologies they use every day, or risk them writing a negative review or booking with a competitor.

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  1. I think people often like to book hotels via their mobile devices. This is the current trend. I personal like hotels have strong wifi and are clear. Thank you for your new updates

  2. I AGREE, Mobile services and wifi are the most important things for a hotel, because most of people dont have time to book a room via visiting, they use their mobile phones to do that work, and for wifi as we know the world is becoming digital every day, there are lots of business are running on internet, thats why these boht are the necessary for a hotel. Thanks for sharing wonderful article.


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