Advantages of Interactive Technology in Schools

The interactive technology basically is a two-way flow of information through an interface between the technology and user; the user usually communicates a request to the technology with the technology returning the result of the action back to the user. Few years ago probably no one had thought of such an amazing interactive technology, well guess what!! It is here and to stay her for a long.

Interactive Technology is a recent innovation in the world of technology which has taken everyone into its custody. It has found its applications in the various fields of life like business, schools, entertainment etc. Schools in the present times are continuously in look for a delightful study experience for the kids. Here are few of its advantages.

Teaching with a range of mediums:

Younger kids have a pretty short attention span as compared to elders. They cannot focus on a single thing for a long time like in a one hour lecture. Splitting up the lecture into shorter, varied segments can help children stay focused on the material and learn more effectively.

Instead of just working on sheets of paper in the classroom, Interactive projector technology can provide variety like video content, interactive games, presentations and group activities all in one session. The interactive technology allows the teacher to plan the whole session beforehand on a computer or laptop, insert drive into the projector at the start of the session and take on from there.

Build games into the lessons:

Building games into the lessons can greatly enhance student’s participation in the classroom. The interactive projector for gaming enables students to focus well enough to learn better in the class. It is the necessity of time to make learning more fun so that children are motivated enough to wake up early in the morning for school with a happy face. The interactive games also ensure competition in a healthy sense and promote teamwork. Quick and precise feedback from the match results enables the children to figure out the right way or the way that works to succeed. This learning behavior can be helpful in the long run. Games also teach the kids goals, rules, problem-solving skills.

Interactive Projector keep children engaged:

Getting students engaged can be a problem for some teachers. However, it can be achieved with the interactive projector. Up to 12 students can draw on the screen projected from interactive projector at the same time making it absolute for increasing engagement. Students can participate more actively while working together. Quizzes and other similar games can enhance the educational environment. It can bring the child’s real potential on the surface. It generates positivity throughout the day.

More efficient Note-taking:

Simply listening to teacher during the lecture is not enough; you have to take notes for future reference. But having to concentrate on listening and taking notes simultaneously can be a tricky situation for students. Showing presentation on projector gives students ability to concentrate fully on the lecture because they know they will get the digital notes at the end. They will only have to write useful things not available on the projector screen.

One problem which students face is that they lose notes just before exams which can be strange situation. However, digital notes from projector can be stored online, which will be available when needed.

Final Touch:

Children are always in look for something different every day. The interactive technology can provide an entertaining atmosphere in the classroom. They have taken entertainment and learning to a whole new level. A lot of schools have already installed projector and they are experiencing better results. The future technology is here and is here to stay for long.

Guest article written by: Jennifer is a gaming lover and content writer. With a vast experience in gaming and accessories design, she turned to the creative side and has been named as one of the top gaming bloggers. Mountain is in her heart – a passion for mountain climbing.

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  2. It sure was nice when you said that children have a short attention span compared to elders, and interactive projector technology could get their attention and have everything all in one session. This reminded me of my 9-year old son who has been wanting to play video games. He said that we should reward him for doing great at school. I will be sure to consider finding an interactive game that he will be interested in playing. Thanks!

  3. It sure was nice that you pointed out that interactive presentations could capture the attention of the students and allow a teacher to plan the whole session beforehand on a computer or laptop. This is something that I will share with the management of the school where my children have been studying. I could imagine how much they would learn about WW1 history if they could be showed visual presentations.


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