5 Easy Hacks to Keep your Yahoo! Account Secure

Yahoo! is one of the widely used web products across the world. Starting from news portal, search engine, webmail service to the messenger; Yahoo! offer many incredible services to the users. However, every coin has two faces. Despite being one of the most reliable webmail services; it had suffered a massive data breach back in 2013 and 2014 consecutively. Over one billion accounts were affected, making it the largest data breach in history.

Are you a loyal Yahoo! Customer?

If yes!! Then consider taking necessary steps to secure your Yahoo! account.

After the massive attack and data breach, Yahoo! has asked its users to review all of their online accounts associated with Yahoo for suspicious activity and change their passwords, security questions and answers for other accounts on which you have used the same information as Yahoo account.

Moreover, it is highly recommended to avoid clicking malicious links or downloading attachment from suspicious emails. Never ever share the information like password, bank details and fall easy prey of messages like “you have won an iPhone”. Here are Top 5 Hacks, which the user must follow to keep their account safe and secure.

Turn-on 2 step verification

Two-step Verification undoubtedly enhances the security of your Yahoo! account. As it is highly recommended to keep strong Password and update it regularly; so it gets quite difficult to remember the complex password.

So, once you enable Two-step Verification it will add an extra level of security to your account, you don’t have to remember those complex combinations in your password anymore. You just need to tap on the correct security code sent to your mobile phone or email address when you attempt to sign in from an unfamiliar device or location. If anybody tries to access your account, he/she will not be able to get in even if they have your Password.

Always use Strong Password

While resetting or changing the password, you should make sure that you have not used any personal information in your password like name, Father’s name, date of birth etc.. Always use combinations of numbers and special characters, which would be difficult to guess and cracked.

Don’t click on suspicious app or link

The Large data breaches are typically occurring because the user unknowingly clicks on the suspicious link and download apps. The cybercriminals try to take advantage of these phishing attempts and steal data and important information of the users. So, it is suggested never ever click on the links, which comes with any tempting messages like “ congratulations! You have won $ 10,000”.

Always check your previous sign in activity

Regularly check your activity log. Keep an eye on any suspicious activity on your account for unfamiliar locations, apps, and devices. It might an attempt to hack your account. If you encounter any activity that’s not yours, sign it out and change your password immediately.

Update your recovery phone number and email address

The Yahoo Password recovery email address and Phone number registered, help the Yahoo to verify your identity. In case, you forget your password or your Yahoo! the account has been hacked; Yahoo sends you a verification email or text message on the recovery address you have mentioned to get you back in.

So, it is highly recommended to keep your recovery email addresses and mobile numbers updated. Always make sure you keep the address you have access to otherwise remove the address you no longer use.

Hope this blog will be helpful to you and now you will be able to keep your account safe and secure.

Guest article written by: Angela George is a passionate author who loves to keep the latest information about the latest updates in the field of technology. Her writing can help users to resolve any kind of Yahoo problems without any delay.

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