How to make money with drones

As we move forward in this era people are becoming more aware about advancement of drones and its applications are increasing in different sectors from construction ,oil and gas fields to wedding, restaurants and many more.

People are buying different types of drones like small drones, foldable drones, mini drones, drones with camera, indoor drone for flying and learning to fly them to have fun and earn money and make innovative use of their drone and flying skills in this technologically advanced era of development

In a recent survey it was found that people are willing to pay from $50-$400 per hours to drone operators, so why not take the advantage to earn cash from this lucrative and booming drone industry just by flying drones.

So come on folks lets take a look at some ways to fill our pockets with dollar bills just for flying drones right below

1. Real Estate Photography

Now day’s real estate is Booming Everywhere in the world with the rise in population and builders pouring more money in building spectacular buildings to cater the needs of different section of society .For surveillance and inspection purpose they are making use of drones as its much more economical and viable option which allows them inspect the whole building without physically walking across all the corridors of the building in the scorching sun light.

So if you got some drone operation skills you can offer your services to the real estate managers on hourly basis to earn some quick money.

2. Video and movie shooting

Now days you know many movies and short films are being shot by high end best aerial photography drones as they come with good quality camera which is capable of capturing awesome footage which seems to be more appealing to the viewer due to high end Cinematography.

Movies like Avengers, Skyfall, Expendable’s and many more are shot with drones in recent times.

So if you got some good drone operation skills then you can get a contract or part time job with shooting studios to capture some stunning videos easily.

3. Agriculture farms surveillance and utility

Drone usage in agriculture sector has got lot of applications like spraying fertilizers ,spreading seeds ,bad crop surveillance and many more uses which would be much more efficient with drones when compared to Manual labour ,Companies like DJI ,Precision hawk and many more are making drones specially for agriculture purposes .

4. Wedding photography

Wedding photography is yet another booming industry for drone use, many people are asking specially for covering their wedding and parties with drones to get more crisp and clear shots from sky without rooming around in the arena .it cost little more than normal photography but people are ready to pay to get their awesome wedding movie with nice effects .

So if you got some drone operation skills then you can shoot weddings directly if you got some contacts or get in touch with wedding photography agency in your area to get a contract to earn money in short span of time with your drone

5. Oil fields surveillance

Oil fields are generally massive arena with lot of moving parts at all the time and Inspite of tight security some time its difficult to reach different parts in case of emergency and inspection when required in short span of time ,so we can deploy drones to inspect the situation and take actions as fast as possible without wasting time .

If you are a certified drone operator then you can get a job with good pay for drone operation for different purposes in oil and mining fields .

I hope you liked our collection of some simple and interesting ways to earn with your drones and have a good time. Don’t forget to share these easy money making ways with your friends and family to aspire them to buy new good quality drones for having fun and making money.

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  1. Super cool article – you just inspired me to get a bit more serious with my Mavic pro, would be amazing to be able to make a few pounds out of this hobby! Thanks for sharing, I will check back & let you know how I get on.

  2. Great list! I make money off my drone for aerial video footage of school events. I’m learning how to cover other types of events though so I can get into other things 🙂


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