7 Cool Gadgets for the People with an Itch for Biking

Guy crash on his bike while trying to take a picture of the Google Street View car
Bikes are great. Okay, anything that earns a song by Queen is great by default, but bikes have a special place on that list. Like the legendary racer, John Howard once said – “The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.” While passing the distances, we are improving ourselves. For all of you who share this passion, here’s some good news. With each passing day, biking world becomes richer in new and exciting gadgets that make cycling even more engaging. Keeping track of all of them would be too hard. Here are some of the coolest ones.


This neat gadget is attached to your bike’s bar. Once there, it connects to your smartphone and provides you a GPS-guided turn-by-turn navigation. Hammerhead is also compatible with cycling apps like Map My Ride and Strava. While car drivers can allow themselves a fraction of attention to deal with GPS navigation, bike riders need their both hands on the handlebar. For them, Hammerhead is a gift from Heaven.

Glowing Bicycles

Not so much gadgets as full-blown bikes, Glow Series Bicycles are an interesting mention nevertheless. So, you’re doing a lot of night cycling? Forget the cateye lights and other half-baked solutions. This rave-ready, and surprisingly eye-pleasing upgrade will make sure that the drivers can see you even from far, far away.

Helios Bars

Another interesting way to conjure up the magic of GPS into the world of cyclers without distracting them with complicated UI and unnecessary visuals. The only thing you see are the two LED lights built in into your bike’s bullhorn handle. Changing of the lights’ color will indicate how fast you’re going. Blinking of the lights will serve as your turn-by-turn navigation. And as a nice extra, Helios Bar can serve as a pretty effective rear light. How cool is that?


Now here’s a gadget you absolutely need, but you’ll never want to use. Let us elaborate. Hövding is an inflatable helmet equipped with the advanced sensors that can detect collision. In such situation, helmet quickly inflates and protects your head from injury. There’s a catch, though – upon inflation, Hövding is no longer usable. However, you head is, and that is much more important.

Electric Bikes

And now, we’ll pull another glowing bike on you. What’s the first thing that pops to your mind when you imagine an electric bike? Some ugly machine that’s neither motorcycle nor bicycle, right? Wrong. Modern electric bikes have lost some weight, improved both their speed, and their look, and became as sleek as it gets. Did we mention that they also come in the mountain variety? Well, they do.

iPhone Mount Kit

A gadget for the people who like to spice up their cycling with a little bit of Apple flavor. The exact number of available iPhone mounts is hard to count. However, we will give a special shout-out to iCradle COBI that far exceeds its original purpose of item that holds the phone in front of you. COBI is an entire smart system that includes turning signals, rear lights, brake light, GPS navigation, security system, weather forecasting, and even Spotify integration.

Siva Cycle Atom

An electric bike is powered by electric energy. Here’s a gadget that allows you to recycle some of the energy produced by bike and reroute it in your phone, GPS navigation or any other gadget-of-choice you may have with you in the moment. How? Just attach this portable generator to your bicycles axle. Granted, 1300mAh battery pack is nothing to write home about, but it’s more than enough to kick start a dead device.

For all of us who love bikes, cycling is something truly special. Here are seven ways to make it even better. Gadgets and bikes have a very happy middle ground. Give some of the mentions a try. You won’t regret it.

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