How technology is giving smokers a choice aiding them to quit

electronic-cigarettesThe advancements in technology have had a huge impact on smokers, giving them the choice in how they receive their daily doses of nicotine.

Quitting failures

Until recently many smokers would try to quit using various pharmaceutical products such as nicotine patches. With willpower these products can work, but it relies heavily on a smoker resisting the urge to light up.

Original e-cigarettes felt very clinical and didn’t give the user the feeling that they were smoking, this led to the user take up being very slow and the chances of going back to smoking high.

The rise of a new industry

The explosion of the vaping industry has largely been due to the fact that these new vapes produce ‘smoke’ while giving the smoker a hit of nicotine. This gives them the feel of actually smoking, while getting rid of the smell and high levels of toxins that are contained in cigarettes.

Industry size

Many smokers find that they can stay off of cigarettes as long as they have a vape. As this technology is improving there are more and more innovative vaping products appearing in the market, making the industry worth $6 billion a year and it’s only growing.

The old market sweeps the new market

Tobacco companies who previously were concerned about potential declines in business and advertising restrictions have already taken advantage of the vaping trend and many of them sell their own vaping brands. They’re increasingly using the services of marketing companies including to increase their market share.

The entire Tobacco industry is changing and it’s only helping smokers, who are finding that smoking cigarettes is becoming less and less of a social norm. They are turning to vaping in the thousands.


There are niche vaping businesses and high street stores starting up all of the time, making it extremely easy to start vaping. It’s also very cheap, with many vapourisers costing less than the price of a week’s worth of cigarettes.

Refilling a vape is also very cheap, with bottles of fluid available in thousands of convenience stores.


Conventional cigarettes are only available in a few flavours, the most popular being Menthol. However there are an endless amount of flavours to try in a vape, making it a fun hobby. Having such a wide range of products makes marketing them easier.

Raising taxes

Unfortunately it’s not all good news as some countries are looking to increase the rate of tax on vaping products, making them more expensive. Although it’s still a cheaper habit than smoking.


Even with stricter regulations soon coming into force, it’s not thought that the industry will slow down. The new restrictions will in fact allow the large Tobacco companies to grab a bigger market share as smaller companies find it harder and harder to compete.

Quitting improvements

Vaping has certainly changed the tide against smoking, making it much easier to quit. There’s no reason why this trend won’t continue.

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    Thanks for the great post,
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  2. I have known a few people that have been able to quit smoking with the use of e-cigarettes. They kept gradually lowering the nicotine and eventually they were able to do without. Great information, thanks for sharing!

  3. Certainly are many tools out there to aid in helping people quit, i’ve also heard of friends using these e-cig’s to slowly ween off smoking altogether. I’d imagine keeping your hands busy with something like a fidget cube might help somewhat too.


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