How to Choose a Trusted Brand for External Hard Drives

Whether you need the extra storage for work or play, Seagate is the brand you can trust. The Seagate external hard drive has the latest features which you’ll find helpful especially when you need the space to store your files or process your programs. It even has wireless units which you can bring for no-fuss set ups. Know more about the Seagate brand and how it can benefit your lifestyle today.

The Seagate Brand

Seagate is a reliable brand when it comes to external hard drives. The Seagate external hard drive is even used as a back-up system to not only keep your documents, photos, videos, and music. It’s actually relied upon to keep your programs, operating systems, and other preferences safe from being corrupted. Now you won’t need to worry of whether your hard drive’s damage can mean the end of your efficiency. With Seagate, you can keep your programs and files safe, as they may be easily retrieved in case something happens to your main computer.

Allows for Remote Access

Seagate’s external hard drive allows for you and other authorized users to remotely access your files and run your programs. This means if you’re the agile type of worker, you won’t need to keep bringing the hard disk as you keep going around the office to get things done. If you own a start-up and a whole team needs to keep sharing files, you can trust your set of hard drives will keep your data safe and secure.

Multiple User Optimization

Instead of solely having access to your files, the external hard drive additionally allows for your other team mates to upload and download your data. For instance, the Seagate IronWolf can enable user workloads at up to 180 TB per year. They also have the IronWolf Pro which has a 300 TB per year capacity. These two are perfect for creative agencies and small businesses.

Handles High Data Traffic Network

Since Seagate has the multi-user type of technology, you can also allow for many users to access files and run programs even during the peak hours of your operation. The multi-user technology lets your authorized teammates to see and access the files you’ll need to get your projects going. It’s even suggested for you to purchase more than one pack of external hard drive and bunch them up so you can have much more storage for your programs, applications, and data.

Lots of Storage for Businesses

To give you an idea of Seagate’s capacity, the external hard drive can actually store thousands of full-length High Definition films. With this type of storage space, you can only imagine the many files and programs which can be stored to support the transactions of your business. So if you own a media-based business, this external drive would also be ideal for you.

Many business owners and passionate computer users have already benefited from the trustworthy features of Seagate’s external hard drive. See how it can exactly benefit your enterprise today.

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