Hackers and Smartphone Vulnerabilities

Because of flaws and vulnerabilities found in software, your smartphone is very susceptible to attacks from hackers. Unknowingly, you can download a seemingly harmless app and bring about malware, spyware, or viruses to your Android device. The most recent malware campaign that occurred, called Judy malware, was hidden amongst  roughly 40 apps found in the Google Play Store, for years. As you can see, even though we are purchasing our phones from legitimate sources and buying reputable brands, there are often things overlooked. That is why it is very critical in this day and age that you protect your mobile device with an antivirus for smartphone devices. Phones such as Android and iPhone have antivirus programs readily installed prior to your purchase, however hackers find creative ways to bypass through these programs and often go unnoticed on individuals devices. Thankfully there are alternate solutions to the stock antivirus programs installed on your device. AVG, a highly reputable company with over 25 years experience in creating antivirus softwares, has developed a free app that will protect you from hackers and vulnerabilities your phone may potentially have.

Virus Scan

One feature every phone must have, and especially an antivirus app must have, is the ability to run a virus scan. It is very important to run these scans as frequently as possible, because you don’t know what you have been exposed to on a daily basis while you are out and about. Outside threats come in the form of unsecured networks, malicious apps, and phishing scams, such as fake emails that trick you into giving up your personal information. Having a proper mobile security tool, such as the AVG Antivirus app, will allow you to know that you are protected through Wi-Fi network scans and virus protection.

Protect Your Information

Virus scans allows the app to detect any malware, viruses, spyware or other problems that have risen on your smartphone. You may not even be aware that your phone has been exposed to these types of problems or that a hacker has infiltrated your device and ultimately your private information, which includes photos, text messages, private emails, and passwords. If these things are not protected and taken care of in a timely manner, you could lose more than just your phone.

These days hackers can even break into your phone and steal media files or financial information. A sad truth is that hackers frequently use sensitive information to destroy your identity or even use photos they found of you as blackmail. A recent example is that of the celebrity leaks that recently occurred. Hundreds of video and photos, of the Hollywood elite, were exposed online and even held for ransom for a lot of money or else the hackers would leak it for the whole world to see. One way to protect those private files is by downloading and using the AVG Antivirus App, which enables you to passcode protect information and content found on your phone. That way no one can have access to those files without a code. Take advantage of the free 30-day trial AVG offers, which allows you access to all of the Pro versions features for a limited time, and start ensuring your privacy and safety.

Guest article written by: Born and raised in Calabasas, Sean Mir comes from a diverse background in finance, strategic marketing and fashion. He recently graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Strategic and Corporate Communication and a minor in Entrepreneurship. He enjoys writing about technology, fashion, and business. 

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