Intranet Becoming a Significant Part of Employee Onboarding

Have you ever given it a thought that employee onboarding is a great channel for building mutually beneficial professional relationship? Well.. You feel quite excited and much engaged with the new candidate, after he or she accepts the job offer and agree to work for your organization. Obviously, you should be happy; after all, the new hire will be your new ally with whom you will spend more time for the next few years. But, do you feel that after all the hard work (generating a talent pool, application screening, telephonic interview, final face-to-face interviews, I.Q. tests, background checks etc.), is it right to take a deep breath of sigh? No, strictly no. If you are used to do this, itís high time that you must change your habit. This is actually the time when you should motivate the new hires to contribute in the organizationís goals and put forth a strong first impression.

How to Begin?

An employee is the most important pillar of an organization. If he is nurtured with motivation, strong desires, professional gains, personal gains, positivity and others, it is for sure that this pillar will stay strong until centuries of existence of your business. Therefore, after the hiring has been done, do not let the let the employee feel alone or leave everything on him. Give maximum attention to employee onboarding, with a little twist of using intranet technology.
Here is how to start, in order to integrate the new hire with the companyís culture, policies and other important information ñ

a) Hearty Welcome with Intranet

Most of the time, it is seen that only the HR department or the hiring manager is excited and proactive for the welcome of the new hire in the organization. No one, other than the hiring manager comes forward to congratulate the new employee. At least one member of the executive group should personally congratulate him/ her, or send a kind message. You can do this by using different types of software tools, which can be easily accessed over the internet. Some of them are ñ intranet (the most used alternative), chat, email, and other communication tools. You can even setup accounts and send your hearty congratulations over a well-drafted email. Talking about intranet; you can use this platform announce the joining of the new employee, giving all the details regarding job role, background, joining date etc.

b) ëDí Day In The Office

The first day in the office is very special for everyone. Nobody wants to spend the day in basic paperwork or installing Windows updates in the computer. Hence, you must use workflows and online forms, in order to notify the staff responsible for paperwork, account setup and workstation provisioning. Also, make sure that they sign off on their respective tasks. Through customizable and dynamic triggers, you can also alter the flow, depending on the job role or he department. At the end, you can let your HR or supervisor know that everything has been done.

A Memorable First Day

To ensure that the first day of the employee turns out to be a huge success, you must follow some tips, like ñ

ï A well-written welcome card from the CEO of the organization
ï Assign someone, who will be responsible for mentoring the new employee for a period of first few months
ï Go on a lunch with the new employee and the immediate team
ï Give them something interesting to work on, such as an intranet profile

So, Get Prepared for the Onboarding

It isnít a rocket science to help your employee get comfortable with your organizationís culture, goals, objectives, mission and vision. But, it certainly requires a considerable amount of time in forward thinking and proper co-ordination. However, using new techniques, like intranet solutions, things can get much simpler as you may think them to be. With the passing time, you may come up with more useful techniques and strategies to make the work life easier for the new hires.


For every hiring manager, intranet plays an important role in the employee onboarding process. It not just makes the orientation easy, but also makes work life easier.

Guest article written by: Shruti Mahour is a digital marketing expert at MyHub – Intranet Software Company – with more than 5 years of experience in blogging about different kinds of intranet solutions for various organizations. Helping global businesses understand the use and concept of intranet, she would love to contribute her knowledge on all types of intranets used in the biz world. 

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  1. Onboarding into a new company can be a challenge and an intranet can transform an outdated employee onboarding process into an interactive.


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