Using mobile tracker for your latest cellphone- things to remember

Cellphones have evolved tremendously in the last decade. We adjust ourselves to the new technology so quickly that we forget the old one. For instance, we are so used to smartphones that we don’t remember how we once dreamed of owning a moto razer and Nokia slide phones. As the cellphones progressed in design and their operating systems became more complex, cellphone software and apps started to progress as well. The companies making apps and software for cellphones have to keep updating their software in order to catch up to the pace of advancing cellphone technology. Take a tracking app for example; the first tracking app for cellphones was released in 2003 and was simple software that only monitored text messages and calls. Back in the day it was an advanced technology for its time considering the features of cellphones at that time. Now, a tracking app that only monitors text messages and call logs is not sufficient to track someone. Using a latest cellphone spyware is essential in many ways. But, before that let’s go through the features of a tracking app.

Features of a tracking app:

Any tracking app be it an old version or a new version will monitor the calls, call logs emails, text messages, internet browsing history, photos, videos and multimedia files. It also includes a GPS tracker that lets you know the current location of the person you are tracking. These basic features are sufficient in some cases, however for a more advanced tracking and efficient there are additional features in a monitoring app like:

  • Call recorder
  • Surround sound recorder
  • App viewer and blocker
  • Geofencing
  • Watchlisting
  • Monitoring IM chats- including WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Instagram, Viber and Skype
  • Remotely erasing data and locking the phone

These features can be found in any latest tracking app. Because of these features, a tracking app gives you a complete coverage of the target device and lets you effectively monitor the person you are tracking.

Why latest mobile spyware for latest mobile phones

As said above, as the cellphone technology progressed, so did the features of a tracking app. If you have a new cellphone then it’s only logical to use a spyware of the latest version. Here’s why:

  • Compatibility:

The latest version of a tracking will be compatible with your new phone’s operating system. It will perform better and have least negative effects on your cellphone.

  • Lesser bugs:

Many tracking apps are victim of putting a lot of bugs on the target device. These bugs hinder the performance of the device making the user suspicious. Newer versions of a good tracking app are generally devoid of the feature. Using an older version will have quite detrimental effect on your latest Android or iOS.

  • Less battery drainage

Along with adding the bugs, older versions of a monitoring app also drain the battery very fast. One of the biggest indicators of having a tracking app on a device is the draining of battery. If your target device keeps on shutting down due to low battery the person you are tracking will immediately become suspicious as the new cellphones don’t die out so quickly.

  • More features

Get a newer version of a tracking simply for its added features. Tracking location, reading messages and monitoring call logs is not enough to efficiently monitor a smartphone. If you really want to investigate on someone’s private life through their cellphones you must be able to snoop in their IM chats, internet browsing history and social media profiles. For further enhanced monitoring there are plenty of amazing features like Geofencing, Watchlisting, surround recording, remote blocking and erasing of data.

  • Smooth performance:

As said all the tracking apps are designed to work in secrecy and if they leave a bad impact on the target device, such as battery draining, then they indirectly reveal themselves. In order for your tracking app to remain discreet, it is important that your app runs smoothly. An old version of the tracking app on a new operating system means, late responses, screen freezing and phone hanging.

Any app that you choose, make sure that it belongs to a reputable company and has good reviews. Apart from being latest, the credibility of the brand also matters.

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