Modern Inventory Management: How TradeGecko Can Help Your Small Business

For eCommerce business owners, inventory management is crucial for increasing profitability, cutting down on storage costs, and keeping track of stock, orders, and customers.

TradeGecko offers a streamlined inventory management system that does all that and more – from a single platform.

TradeGecko’s beginnings

The first iteration of TradeGecko was formed in 2012, when brothers Cameron and Bradley Priest, along with Carl Thompson, saw the need for a seamless online order management system that didn’t yet exist on the market. The three entrepreneurs relocated to Singapore and joined prominent technology accelerator JFDI, where they brought their vision to life: TradeGecko.

Since its formation, TradeGecko has come to be recognized as one of the top inventory management systems on the market, providing an efficient, streamlined and flexible solution to a customer base spanning more than 100 countries.

How does TradeGecko work?

Thanks to advances in technology, inventory management no longer needs to rely on complex spreadsheets or ledger books. TradeGecko’s order management software empowers business owners to manage their operations online, anywhere, and at any time. The cloud-based inventory platform encompasses enterprise-level tools including inventory management operations, business applications, and commerce solutions – helping business owners streamline operations and maximise profitability.

Of course, challenges arise with any eCommerce business, which is why TradeGecko’s Sales and Success team is on hand to make the transition to using TradeGecko as smooth as possible and provide personalized support.

Who should use TradeGecko?

TradeGecko is ideal for eCommerce retailers who are looking to scale up and grow their business sustainably. The software has been specifically designed for end-to-end inventory management and can be integrated with eCommerce operations such as Magento, Woocommerce, and Shopify.

For wholesale businesses, TradeGecko’s B2B capabilities enable merchants to create a private online store for wholesale customers – with full customization available to ensure brand consistency.

TradeGecko’s inventory management app, TradeGecko mobile, also offers a complete solution for business owners who need to manage orders, customers, and inventory on the go. Business owners can access their full product catalog on their iPad or iPhone, enabling them to sell anywhere.

TradeGecko Payments for wholesale SMEs

TradeGecko has also recently rolled out TradeGecko Payments for wholesale merchants in the United States, UK, Australia, and Singapore. The B2B payment gateway makes it possible to bill customers with a single click and gives wholesalers better operational control of their cash flow using a single dashboard that summarizes account balance, payments and payouts history. Each invoice from TradeGecko also comes with a “Pay Invoice” function to make payments quicker and easier. TradeGecko Payments will be made available to other countries in the future, with more complex functionality now in the works.

The future of TradeGecko

Looking forward, TradeGecko’s vision remains steadfast: to empower customers to grow and scale up their online businesses through smart inventory management. Advanced functionality and a robust support team will equip new and existing customers with the tools needed to flourish in an evolving eCommerce market.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of TradeGecko’s order management system or check out their website for more information.

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