Top 10 Best Cloud Storage And File Sharing Services In 2016

Your PC or smartphone shouldn’t be the ones that carry heavy burdens when there are so many attractive online solutions on the market. Wouldn’t it be easier to upload your digital assets to cyberspace? Cloud storages can do that for you. There are more other advantages in store for you with these platforms, like having your documents synced across all your devices in real time. So, let’s see the top 10 best cloud storage and file sharing services that earned our trust in 2016.

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1. OneDrive

OneDrive is the Microsoft storage solution that comes together with Windows 10. With this software, you get 5 GB of free storage place where you can upload your documents. Moreover, you can create and edit new ones also. So, if you work with files such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents, you will no longer need to open other windows than the OneDrive.

If you are a bit familiar with this market, you probably need to know that SkyDrive is the new OneDrive. The rebranding was simply necessary to rule out a copyright infringement, but it didn’t alter the quality of their services. To prove a point about its versatility, even though it is a Windows product, you can actually download and use the storage solution on Mac devices as well.

Unlike other cloud storages and file sharing services, OneDrive benefits from being part of your operating system and can support remote access. This means that if you want to access a desktop folder while you are on the go, you can do that through OneDrive through a two-factor authentication.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive remains one of the best cloud storage products that specializes in real-time collaboration. It is more than meets the eye regarding the fact that you can create, edit, store, and share your documents wherever you are.

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can download the software on any device you want. Based on your credentials, the service will bring your account wherever you are, and you can pick up your work at any time. The guys from Google have also improved the interface over the year until it became highly intuitive and user-friendly.

You can use up to 15 GB with a free membership. You can also upgrade your account to up to 30TB if you need, for a monthly fee of $299.

3. Box

Box is another powerful cloud storage and file sharing solution that has some aces up its sleeve. It is easy to use and ensures you a fast workflow, so you will always have time on your side. You can download its app on any device an operational system, including BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone.

Once you complete your signup, you will receive a folder on your Desktop. Whichever document you want to integrate with Box, you just simply drag and drop it in the folder. The software will take care of the rest, which is syncing your files across all your devices.

What is special about Box is that you have access to its Web app, which is a list of applications you can integrate with your cloud storage. You can opt even for a music player, and it will let you listen to your playlist right from your Box folder. With a free membership, you secure for yourself 10 GB of storage with the option to upgrade your account for more anytime you want.

4. SugarSync

You won’t get SugarSync services for free (except for the 30 days trial), but you will get extra security in exchange for your small investment. For $7.49 a month, you get 100 GB of storage space where you can secure all the documents and files you want.

With SugarSync, you won’t have to worry about security issues any longer. With just a few clicks, you can backup your uploads in real time so that you can use them safely on any device, be it PC, Mac, iOS or Android. You can also share your folders with anyone by giving them access to only view or edit them.

5. iDrive

iDrive is one of the best solutions on the market to backup your files. You are also granted the same versatile access that any other cloud storage offers to its users. What makes this sharing file solution even more appealing is its advantageous value propositions. With just around $6 per month, you can secure up to 1 TB of data. However, you also have the freedom to choose to stick to a free membership that gives you 5 GB automatically.

You can use iDrive on an unlimited number of devices, and the service will perform continual backup for your assets. You can sync, share, and archive your documents like with any other cloud software.

6. DropBox

DropBox is a simple service with reliable features that will help you with storage and online collaboration. Like many other cloud storage solutions, you get one desktop folder. So, its user-friendly nature relies entirely on your familiarity with a simple Windows digital folder.

In the DropBox folder, you can drag and drop files that take up a maximum of only 2 GB on a free account. What is special, though, about this product is that you can view your history of actions and get notifications when other people make changes in your folders. That is extremely useful when it comes to team collaboration. You also have access to your deleted files and even to their earlier versions.

While the space offered can be extremely small without a paid account, DropBox is still one of the best cloud storage solutions in 2016. It also has the advantage of being highly compatible with lots of apps on the market. Whichever product you are using that can integrate a cloud storage solution, DropBox is highly likely to be among the viable choices.

7. JustCloud

JustCloud is a reliable cloud solution that takes responsibility for your files’ security also. While it doesn’t have enough features to compete with other products on the market, it is still a reliable software that does a great job.

The mobile and software applications may lack some features, but the web app has it all. This is why it’s recommended to work with its online software. The free membership doesn’t offer you much, though. You have only 15 MB at your disposal that can barely cover five photos. The pricing plan, though, has a richer variety of storage options that can suit your needs.

You can collaborate on your JustCloud uploaded folders with your friends and work colleagues any time you want. You just have to invite them by Facebook, Twitter, email or by sharing a custom link with them.

8. Carbonite

Carbonite earned its place on our list thanks to its spotless reputation as a reliable online backup solution. Once you download the software, you can specify which kind of files you want to backup. You can select one or all of their supported types, namely email, documents, photos, and music.

Once on your backup system, you can access your files whenever you are from any device, be it desktop or mobile. However, it doesn’t offer an extended set of collaboration features as other such programs do. It is best to entrust in Carbonite if you want a strong backup service with the chance to review your files wherever you are.

9. OpenDrive

OpenDrive beautifully manages to mix different kinds of solutions into one product. You will enjoy a powerful backup program, an intuitive file-syncing feature, and sharing options. The pricing plans are appealing but not the best regarding quality-price ratio. However, with a free account, you get to use a cloud storage of 5 GB with auto syncing and backup features.

The desktop folder is less organized than other competitive solutions. You have three tabs in one, namely Status, account dialog, and a File Explorer. It lacks a smooth user experience, as you have to create a job whenever you want to backup or sync a file.

You can share your assets only through link invitations with no option to share them through email. However, you can sync the files on all devices, and even create something that resembles a VPN to ensure a better way of collaboration.

10. SpiderOak One

If you value your privacy more than anything else, SpiderOak One will have your back on this one. However, it is definitely not for novices, as some of its features are overly complicated to use. What is special about this product is that it has installed a Zero Knowledge philosophy as its core feature. This means that no one can get access to your files, not even the SpiderOak company itself.

It is easily the most expensive cloud storage service on the market, but some people might see it a great asset worthy of such an investment. You have 60 days to try out the service for 2 GB of cloud space. Its interface is well designed and displays five main tabs, namely Home, Backup, Manage, Share, and Sync. From here, you can control everything that happens with your files.

These are the best 10 cloud storage and file sharing services in 2016. Each of them has its own qualities and, based on them, you can choose your best fit that suits your needs.

Guest article written by: Harrisson Dawson is a passionate writer with a great interest in technology. On his website, you can find tips about online storage. “We should all learn how to use technology. It can make our lives very easy!”, says Harrisson.

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