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by Guest Author on June 20, 2017

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Abstract: A peek down the history lane tells us that Tech Writing has come a long way. Today, writers write on products and app development and also write reviews about them.

In the recent past, we saw some serious breakthroughs in the realm of technology. An introduction to computers and the internet has made public more aware than they ever used to be in the past. Now, people know about latest inventions and emerging technologies. A great deal of this awareness comes down to the efforts put in by tech journalists and associated writers.

Tech writing holds great importance in the present world. Magazines are published and blogs are written to fill the needs of tech geeks. This was nowhere to be seen in the past. With the boom of technology, regular journalists reshaped the ways they used to report news. Unlike the past today’s stories are gathered, built, and published outside the newsrooms and to say the least, tech writing is playing a lead role in making this possible.

Arguably, it was Electronic Data Interchange which led to a renaissance in the world of tech journalism. EDS is a means of sharing business information between companies without the use of paper. It was sort of an early day ecommerce where companies shared online information, involving a great deal of tech writing. This slowly transformed into a writing genre which we today call, Tech Writing.

Ever since, tech writing has evolved greatly. When we talk about tech writing, many people think of it to be related to computers and smartphones only. However, computers and associated accessories make only a small portion of tech writing. Today, we get to write on so many different things that Tech Writing has itself become a diverse field of writing. Below, we have briefly discussed some of the areas young and aspiring tech writers can cover.


Robotics is an intriguing field of science. Robots and associated literature on Artificial Intelligence attract many. You can find a great deal of work done in this field of technology. This however is merely a humble beginning. The field of robotics is itself under development which means that it will keep dividing out attention for an unforeseeable future. Keeping this in view, writing on robotics could be a very good option for any writer.

Apps Development

The post-1990s saw the development of multiple operating systems and the era of 2000s witnessed the formulation of numerous apps. This particular development has reached its zenith in the present times. The world is introduced to thousands of new apps, every day. People like reading about the apps before using them. So, writers can explore their passion for writing by having their say on newly developed apps.

Product Development

Product development is another field where writers can test their mettle. There are tens of companies launching their new products on a daily basis, in a bid to race past their opponents. Laptops, smartphones, and similar tech devices are regularly launched. Writers can pick their areas of interest and develop some writing strength in them.

Product Reviews

Lastly, you can write product reviews as well. You can either run your own blog or do it for some organization. This will need you to use the newly launched products by tech companies and then write about your experience. You can talk about their pros and cons so users can decide whether they will be buying those products or not.

Guest article written by: Joanne Arthur is the writer of this post. Joanne is a tech enthusiast and runs a blog as well. App Development is her area of writing expertise. She currently works at  Essay Inc. as a technical writer. 


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