3 Top Android Apps That Can Make You Sleep Better

The great inventor, Thomas Edison said that sleep was ‘a waste of time’. However he wasn’t aware of the advances in sleep science this century which tell us that missing out on sleep can cause a range of chronic illnesses from heart-disease and even cancer.

Luckily sleep technology can come to the rescue. There are a number of gadgets on the market like sleep trackers and white noise machines, but they tend to be quite expensive.

Fortunately if you have a smart mobile phone you can try out one of the many apps that can help you monitor your sleep, record your sleeping patterns, and wake you up in a gentle manner among other things. Here are some of the popular android apps that can improve your sleep.

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android developed by Urbandroid Team is a very popular app in the Google Play Store. The app has several features that make your sleep pleasant. Even the alarm is very sensitive to your sleeping patterns. If you are in deep sleep, it waits for the optimal moment to wake you up gently. Waking up during deep sleep can have negative impacts on physical as well as mental health.

The app is not only very gentle in waking you up from sleep, but it is also capable of putting you to sleep in a gentle manner. The app uses natural lullabies to put to you to sleep. The mobile app has amazing tracking and recording options that will give you a crystal clear view of your sleeping patterns, sleep deficit, snoring, and sleep talking. There are paid and free versions of the app available for users. While paid version has all of the above mentioned options, the free version has only limited options after the expiry of trial period of 2 weeks.

Sleep Talk Recorder

Sleep Talk Recorder is yet another popular android app developed and distributed by MadinSweden. According to surveys, over fifty percent of kids and nearly five percent of the adults talk while sleeping. This app which is capable of recording sleep talk has gained the attention of a number of users. Often people reveal secrets during sleep talk, and it might be very embarrassing to reveal information that could affect family relationships.

There are also cases where people come up with brilliant ideas while asleep and simply forget them when they wake up. Sleep Talk Recorder is an amazing application that could monitor your sleep talk and start recording it within milliseconds. It offers an opportunity to analyze your sleep talking by storing them every night with along with the timeline.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep app developed by Zodinplex is also one of the most downloaded and reviewed sleep apps for Android. The app has six different nature sounds that could help you relax from the stress of the hectic day. The app follows the age old practice of listening to soothing sounds of nature to help you sleep in peace. It also comprises an alarm clock to wake you up on time.

These are just a handful of mobile apps that can provide you with a pleasant sleeping experience. A simple search in the Google Play store can provide you with numerous other options. It is a good idea to try the apps before you make a purchase. Do not forget to check the ratings and reviews in the app store before you download them!

Guest article written by: Jon from SleepGadgets.io

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  1. Great article and help for those people having sleeping issues. There is also white noise machines which produce a relaxing sound. It helps people having sleeping problems, tinnitus, and insomnia. They are also effective for people who live in noisy areas.


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