Submission Based Link Building Strategies

Regardless of whether you may be submitting your online page, certain type of content or just about anything else, the World Wide Web is offering plenty of places where you will be able to build links via submissions or you could simply go with affordable seo services.

Web 2.0 Submission

Web 2.0 resemble article directories in many ways. Nevertheless, rather than adding article content, you will be able to add videos, pictures as well as any additional elements of interactive content. In most cases such sites are more valuable than article directories, yet it does very much rely on website authority in general. Consequently, should you be offering original and unique content, it will pass as more valuable and may well be picked up for long-tail queries within SERPs.

Social Bookmarking

When it comes to link equity via social bookmarks, resources such as Pinterest, Digg and Delicious are offering certain solutions. However, it is also important to remember that they are quite easy to abuse, so in most cases they do not offer a whole lot of value.

Niche Specific Directories

Unlike the general web directories, the niche specific ones will only accept resources, which are able to meet certain topic related requirements. For instance, one of the directories may only be accepting resources related to music and songs. While a number of those resources is offering free solutions, some of them are only available for payments.

Free and Paid Web Directories

You can submit your site to a plethora of free web directories. In order to qualify, you will simply need to have an active online resource. Granted, seeing how these links are very easy to acquire, they are not offering all that much value. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily imply that you will not be able to find a couple of great free general directory links that could pass both trust and link juice.

Other directories are going to cost money in case you will want to get to their listings. But again – some of the directories here have little to no value and you will not want to invest your time and money into them.

Company Directory Submissions

Similar to the general web directories, you are going to be able to submit your resource to general company directories. All you need is a website – you do not even need to have a company. And much like with the vast majority of submission-based strategies, you will need to try and zero in on relevance whenever it will be possible.

Profile links

In case that you are going to sign up and become a member for an online resource, you will get a link in your profile, but it does not work for every single resource. Some of the resources will not allow you quality links in your profile, while other will see nothing wrong in that. And then there are websites like Twitter – they are offering nofollow links.

Of course, you will want to find niche relevant profile possibilities. In case that there is a promising industry community that you are going to get a link from through a profile, chances are, it will go further than general possibilities that could make sense for just about any other web resource.

Article Directories

It is also possible to submit your blog posts and articles to the article syndication sites. For that you are going to get a link or maybe a couple of links in the content or perhaps the author bio, depending on web resource. Since a couple of years ago they are not all that important, but if you are willing to dabble in some automation relying techniques, this is one of those things that you will be able to use.

Video Submission

In case that you are offering video content, do not forget to ensure that you are acquiring links from it. Keep in mind though – some resources are only offering the nofollow links and you will find them in the description in most of the cases. However, in case that you are trying to submit a large scale video, you should give OneLoad a try. Even though the service is not free, it could save you a lot of time and efforts.

Press Release Submission

Should you choose to submit a press release to specific syndication or distribution resources, it is going to be possible to build links if only you will include a couple of them into the body of press release to begin with. While some of the options are free, some of them require payments. In case that you really wish to make the most from this generally overused practice that is generally similar to spam, it would be advisable to go with a single link. Furthermore, you should make sure that the anchor text of that same link is the domain or the URL. Moreover, it would also be wise to promote larger content pieces via press releases, since by using the proper syndication service, you are going to promote that content to journalists who are going to be able to work with it and promote it.

Blog Directories

You can use numerous blog directories in case that you have a blog. And again, just like with most of the directories, some of them represent some sort of value, while others are pretty much useless to begin with.

Infographic Submission

Infographics that were created by you may be submitted to infographic blogs or special directories. Most of the resources, however, will demand payment. And only you are going to be able to decide if those web resources are appropriate for your needs and if they are really worth your money. Yet, you will need to remember that most of these payment based resources do not have the editorial selection that most non paid resources are featuring. Hence, the audience there is not as engaged as you would have hoped for.

Multimedia/Document Submission

These web resources may be used for submitting any Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and PDFs. In return, you are going to get a link as well. Do not forget to insert the links into the documents. For instance, you can put them into the first page of your PDF.

Social Signals Sharing

Social signals represent an online page’s combined likes, shares as well as general social media popularity as viewed by the search engine. All of those are contributing to organic search ranking of the page and are viewed as yet another type of citation. It is very much similar to the backlinks.

No doubt, social media these days is something bigger than your everyday messaging channel. Social media actually has a direct impact on the store and its SEO. Hence, it is very important, crucial even, for an online store to establish a proper social media tactic, which would focus on marketing products and services.

Relevant social signals are the following:

  • How many tweets and retweets there are and how popular the tweeting people are as well
  • Shares on Facebook
  • The number of Google +1s
  • According to the Search Engine Journal, being mentioned on community resources, including Tumblr, StumbleUpon and Reddit will also increase the overall impact on SERPs

Elevated social signals will demonstrate the value of the URL and also indicate effective domain authority. If many users are sharing and liking a page, it does demonstrate that the page is popular and the content it is offering is also relevant and demanded. At times, the search engines themselves may not be able to keep up with the rapid trends in the social media industry, so you should keep your fingers on the pulse.

User Rating Reviews

You will need to submit user ratings and simultaneously build links. There is a great list of submission resources for the topic created by Peter Attia.

RSS Directories

In case that you have an RSS feed, there is also a way for you to submit it to the proper RSS directories. And there are plenty of those online. Despite the fact that the links are not going to be directly linked to your content, they are going to pass the juice to the RSS feed that is linking to any type of content you have linked to in your posts.

Mobile App Directories

In case that you are also offering an app for the smartphones, there is a way to get a couple of links too. And if you want, you can purposefully create such an app just for the links. It is not at all difficult to create an app that is simply acting as a mobile RSS reader of the blog.

eBook Directories

There is a chance that you have managed to write an eBook or two. Perhaps you are planning to write something in the future and this will give you a chance to actually get access to numerous eBook directories, where you will also be able to acquire more links.
And here is an idea – you may also compile the content of your blog into an eBook and there will be no need to come up with one just for this.


You can use web resources, such as Yahoo! Answers in order to build a couple of nofollow links and these will also be generating some traffic. Just remember to cite pages on the resource when you answer any questions so as to guarantee yourself a link.

Rather than trying and managing Q&A blindly, it would be wise to determine all the FAQs in your sector and then come up with a comprehensive selection of content that would cover them all. Then all you need to do is set up web alerts for those. Hence, in case that someone will ask a question, you are going to be ready to answer it, since you have already researched the matter and you will be able to link to your content in order to give a more comprehensive answer.

Forum Posting

Forum posting will provide you with a great way to locate individuals in your niche that are actually interested in this section of the industry. Of course, you will get links once you are going to post on the proper forums. When it comes to ecommerce resources, this is not merely a reliable as well as genuinely scalable link building strategy – you will also have the opportunity to drive enough revenue with it in order to justify any time investments you made.

Blog Commenting

Although it may be overused, there is still a way to benefit from commenting on blogs. In order to get the most from the process, you will need to comment on the most relevant blogs, the dofollow ones as well as the CommentLuv blogs. If done right, there is a chance that you will build rapport with the bloggers themselves and gain links simultaneously.

And to sweeten things up, some of the blogs feature a widget, which is displaying the top commentators. You just need to get to the top of the leaderboard in order to get a sitewide link. Sure enough, it may require you to comment more, but it is quite worth your efforts.

Just make sure that you are not leaving all the comments in a single day – it will make you look silly. Just leave a comment or two every now and then till you get that link.

Reverse Guest Blogging

You could ask influential authors to write a couple of guest posts for the blog. This is not just a great way to share those with a larger audience – people also like linking to things that they have written in the past and it is obviously a great way to get the links you need.

Contribute to Wikipedia Pages

You will be able to get a link below the “References” tab if you are going to cite your own content on relevant Wikipedia pages. Although it is a nofollow link – it is quite reliable and will send plenty of relevant traffic your way. But if you are planning to do so, do not forget that you must not sign up with a company email or people will neglect your edits with a link to you and will consider them spam. Furthermore, if a link is not making any sense and you are simply adding it in order to get a link, expect that it will be deleted and you are simply wasting time.

Blog Networking (White Hat)

Make all the relationships you have established work for you in order to come up with a whole network of non-competing similar blogs. Just link out to them and ask them to link out to you as well. 5 is a great number to have in the network – it is the perfectly balanced number too. For instance, you can ensure that everyone is linking out to every different blog within the network once a month or even on a weekly basis. It is very similar to reciprocal linking, but a whole lot more effective, since the links are contextual, relevant and therefore completely natural in the eyes of Google.

Second Tier Link Building

Should you do it right, building links to pages that are linking to you will prove to be awesome. It will not just allow you to pass more juice towards your resource – it is also a great reputation management tool.

Keep in mind that second tier link building will work best with the most reliable resources that are linked to you, including guest posts on blogs with higher authority. For instance, in case that you are using broken links, asking to replace the link to a more reliable resource over a link to you is going to help you become accepted in more cases than if you would ask to link to you instead. This is mainly due to the fact that the resource is more reliable and this is why you are not asking for a link to the domain, which is hosting your email – hence, it will look much more relevant and natural for the webmasters as well.

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