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microsoft-xbox-one-sThe Xbox One S is the upgrade to the existing Xbox One. Deep down it is the same console that Microsoft released in 2013 but there have been significant changes. It is forty percent smaller as compared to the original one. It is a slim white box rather than the bulky machine. It incorporates the power supply into the console so it fits in a living room. It can also stand vertically.

The high dynamic range and 4k video are supported by Xbox One S. An affordable 4K video box is the best thing in Xbox One S. Through streaming video services such as Amazon and Netflix, the 4K can be currently accessed. The limited number of games like Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and 2017’s Scale bound will feature HDR.

The streamlined top section, better range, and textured grips are the updated features of the new controller design. For connecting, Bluetooth is used so your time will not be consumed on irritating dongles. An integrated IR blaster is used to control other devices in the room. The Microsoft Xbox One S also includes the features of old Xbox One.

On the budget, it is the surprise hit as it is the only console to play 4K Blu-rays. It is a reasonable way to enjoy the 4k content. The key features of Xbox one S are UHD Blu-ray, 4K games upscaling, HDR 10 support, HDR gaming compatibility, HDMI 2.0, 2TB storage.

The manufacturer of Xbox one S is Microsoft. It has many positive points as compared to old Xbox one. It includes features like HDR compatible, improved controller, 4K game upscaling, smaller than Xbox One and has cheap UHD Blu-ray player. The only lacking point is that it does not have native 4K in games.

In my AV rack, it is the most attractive thing. A subtle pinhole design has replaced the chunky air conditioner-style grilles. The original glossy black plastic has been discarded as it was a dust magnet and suffered scratches.

Xbox One S has a Stormtrooper stylish that I like it. Thanks to its white with black accents. I hope other colors will also appear. In the front, there is USB port and a controller-pairing button which were hidden away at the side. The physical button is now the power switch. The One S can be flipped over onto its side whereas the old Xbox One could only be placed flat. To hold it up for ventilation purposes you will need a plastic base. The controller has been twisted which upped my game of Star Wars Battlefront. During testing, I played this game plenty.


Finally I conclude that Microsoft Xbox One S has all the exciting Xbox One games and a list of Xbox 360 games are played in One S. Microsoft has made software improvements over the past few years that are included in the Xbox One S. The redesigned interface, support for the Cortana digital assistant, compatibility with the Windows store are also included. Soon, cross-play options with Windows PC games on certain titles will be additional.

Article written by an external reviewer, a guest author.

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