5 Tools to Make Your Instagram Marketing Easier

Instagram Business Tools

Instagram business tools were launched by Instagram itself, to encourage and assist marketers utilizing Instagram as a marketing platform. The features and services offered by Instagram marketing tools can be divided into three domains.

Business Profiles

Instagram business profiles is perhaps the highlight of Instagram business tools. These business profiles are specially tailored Instagram profiles for individuals who wish to be recognized as businesses over Instagram.

Instagram business profiles add a few things to your regular profile and alter the overall layout slightly.

Upon switching to a business profile, you’ll be asked to feed in some contact information. Once you’re done with that, a contact button will appear in your profile. This button makes it easier for your existing and potential customers to contact you via text message, call or Email. It also lets your customers locate you on a map as it provides a location option.

Switching to Instagram business profiles also gives you access to Instagram Insights and Instagram Adverts.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is an analytics tool developed by Instagram itself. Clearly, Instagram was reluctant in introducing an analytics tool, and you could only analyze metrics for your account using third-party tools until now.

Even though Instagram Insights isn’t amongst the most powerful and sophisticated analytics tools out there, it is a quick and a reliable way of checking statistics and metrics related to your Instagram profile.

Instagram Insights provides a range of actionable metrics related to your posts and audience including impressions, reach, follower activity, views, etc. These metrics can be used to measure the performance and effectiveness of your marketing strategy and can indicate if any amendments are required in your marketing tactics.

Instagram Adverts

‘Instagram Ads’ makes it easier to create adverts and make them more effective. Instagram now lets you select the promote option for any post and convert it into an advert.
That’s not all, Instagram also allows you to add a CTA, specific your audience, set your budget and specify a length for your advert.


ScheduGram is an extremely assistive tool that schedules and queues your Instagram posts for you. You can leverage this tool to make your Instagram marketing easier and reduce the hassle and headache of posting content on certain times with consistent frequency.

This tool lets you upload content on the web and schedule its posting for a certain time in the future. It also lets you edit, crop, add filters/text or rotate your images before posting.
Schedugram is the ideal tool for planned Instagram campaigns. You can schedule posts for certain times to maximize engagement or queue posts to create a certain posting pattern for your Instagram campaign.

This tool makes the posting of content and management of Instagram campaigns extremely convenient and hassle-free. Apart from that, it also lets you manage multiple accounts or share accounts between your team.

If you want to maintain a high post frequency and cannot manage time for it, ScheduGram should be the way to go.


Have2HaveIt is the ideal tool for marketers desiring high converting audience, soaring sales and revenue and higher ROI. The developers behind this tool have carved a way to turn Instagram galleries shoppable.

You can leverage Have2HaveIt to make it easier and convenient for your customers to shop products and explore your brand.

It replicates your Instagram gallery and allows tagged products in it. Next, it takes your customers to a shoppable replica of your Instagram feed, which looks and feels exactly like any other regular Instagram gallery. This shoppable feed lets your customers tap the images to explore and purchase their desired products.

This eliminates the headache of scrolling through web pages on a browser to find a certain product.

Have2HaveIt enables your customers to locate their favorite products from your Instagram gallery and purchase them directly.

To extend convenience to your customers, this Instagram marketing tool also lets you add more than 1 product tags to a single image.

Moreover, Have2HaveIt’s convenient and user-friendly dashboard makes it easier to manage everything.


Vibbi is a third-party Instagram marketing tool that can be leveraged to increase the following and engagement around your brand. Vibbi offers an array of services and features, however; the tool stands out due to its promotional features. Vibbi helps you gain followers on Instagram fast. You can purchase them to increase the credibility of your Instagram profile. Vibbi provides several pricing plans, and you can choose the one that suits your budget and requirements.

Apart from that, Vibbi also offers their ‘Instaport’ service where you can backup your Instagram content. It lets you download your content on a local hard drive and keep it safe.

You may also visit Vibbi’s blog and learn about the developments in social media marketing industry. Experienced experts contribute their articles and share their expertise at Vibbi’s blog, and entrepreneurs can learn a great deal about their trade through this blog.


INK361 is an Instagram analytics tool that provides insights and metrics for marketers and analysts to measure and compare the performance of their page, posts, competitors, and audience. It is a highly equipped analytics tool and can have a significant positive impact on your Instagram marketing strategy.

INK361 lets you track followers and followings growth over a certain period. You can also view statistics related to the performance of your posts, hashtags, filters, likes, and comments.
This tool also lets you optimize your tactics and boost engagement by choosing the best filters, timing, and hashtags for you.

INK361 stands out because it lets you monitor and analyze the performance of your competitors, giving you a competitive edge over them.

Apart from all that, INK361 makes the management of your Instagram account easier. You can monitor your account and engage with your audience through this tool.

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