10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy 9 Note

Samsung Galaxy 9 Note Smartphone is more effective and exceptionally practically compare to its rival Apple iPhone, Huawei and numerous others. It accompanied with remarkable features & applications that are extremely convenient and functional. These days, the cell phones is not complete without apps that could make it an advantageous ordeal for the users.In case you have your hands on the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone model, then you must know about some of the best apps. Letstango Gadget Expert says Samsung Galaxy 9 Note Smartphone is one of significant & flagship model released by Samsung in the recent time.

Whatsapp Messenger:

Whatsapp Messenger is one of the best and popular applications which use the internet connection to connect with your contacts. You can send and receive the Message, Photos, Videos, Document, Video call many more. In addition, the personal chat and group chat facility is also available. There are You can do free voice calls and video calls on WhatsApp calling facility for maximum four persons was also added to it. This Whatsapp Messenger is very fast access as well as safe and secure.


Picsart is the photo editor and image college maker app on your mobile. You have to make the awesome pictures and having due to more fun by remixing free to edit the picture on the awesome colleges and memes. You can also get slots of free templates with more pics community upload. However, this app is one of the best photo editors with various features for making the photos attractive.        


Spotify is one of the music apps forgives the access to the world of music. In addition, you can for you can listen to artist and albums and create your own playlist. Moreover, you can play the song any time anywhere from the device with the Spotify. For instance, you can also download the music for offline streaming with more app has amazing sound quality due to enhance the time period of music listening. There are this Spotify searched the different varieties of parameters such as playlist or record label, artist, album, the genre many more.

ES File Explorer File Manager:

The file browsing is something special that everyone has to do it necessarily and take the easy task of fun when you have a capable and interactive file browser. More than 500 million users around the more than 500 million users are using ES File Explorer fits are the more perfect picture when it comes to a file manager application. In addition, the is not just limited to browsing local files and configure online services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and many other cloud backup services. It is more powerful users of LAN, FTP, SFPT SMB/CIFS, and WebDAV support. You have to manage the files present on your Android TV and set the tools for bits of help to manage the space and files easily. Analyzer helps to count garbage data and you can keep your data clean and clutter free. You have to protect the use of inbuilt ‘Locker’ facility for your applications, music files, documents, directory and many more. This process of file manager will plenty of features that make with alternate file manager for your Galaxy Note be browser and meet all of your requirements and satisfy your needs.


Instagram is the famous social networking site across the world. You can follow the politicians, players, actors, friends, other influential persons can update for like what they are doing. In addition, the Instagram you may post photos can watch photos and videos for people whom you follow. However, you can live and share about your for live moments. There are find also chat with your friends personally and messages directly


Netflix is leading app worldwide which access the unlimited movies and TV with the minimum monthly price for your favorite content anywhere and anytime.

Polaris Office

Polaris Office is one of the best user and their document-related work on their smartphone and make mobile instead with carrying a bulky laptop as well as massive screen size and resolution


Share it is one of the best sharing apps and is the fastest and more popular across the world. It is the best platform for free online feeds, videos, music, wallpapers, movies and etc.


Skype app is used to the best way for a new way to remain connected with your friends and family. However, there are very useful and the instant messaging and cheap international calls and messages and more.

MX Player

MX Player is the popular video player app and supports all format audio support and it also provides the subtitles and advanced hardware acceleration with the Audio format. There are assured with any Android Smartphone by developers.

8 thoughts on “10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy 9 Note”

  1. Hi
    The top 10 apps listed here are not only best for Samsung Galaxy 9 note, but also these apps should be in the every Android smartphone. All these apps are very useful and used for different purpose. No doubt, Whatsapp messenger is one of the best apps that has made our life easier and faster.

    Currently, I am using Whatsapp messenger, Instagram, Shareit and MX Player in my smartphone.

    Have a great day.

  2. Hi Klaus,

    Whatsapp is a must for any smart phone. It makes things so much easier. It is without any annoying ads and it is very easy to the eyes. Messages gets sent instantly with so many new features. There have been lot of competitors for it however they have all failed to go past Whatsapp. It is the undisputed leader in messaging Apps.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  3. Hi Klaus,

    WhatsApp and shareIt are must for any smartphone users. WhatsApp is surely the leading messaging apps in terms of popularity. ShareIt is very handy when you want to transfer files between two smart phone or smart phones to computer and vice-versa. It is quick and easy and does the job without much hassles.

    thank you for sharing this post. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. really interesting information you are sharing through this blog of yours. spotify and netflix among the best apps for me.

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  6. I’ve recently bought my new Samsung A20s and wish to install some interesting apps on that. Earlier that, I owned my Samsung Galaxy J7, due to its reliability and consistency, I decided not to buy only Samsung products. Now I installed your above-said apps on my mobile phone. That’s very interesting and time-passing too! Thank you for sharing!


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