10 Things to Do When Visiting the United States with Friends!

Do you have plans to visit the USA with your friends? If yes, there are some many things to do when you are in the country. In fact, the USA never gets boring for anyone. The following are the ten things to do when visiting the United States with friends-

  1. Visit St. Augustine in Florida- Do you know that St. Augustine in Florida is the oldest town in the USA that roughly dates back to 1565 AD. This town has remnants of Spanish Architecture, and you can spend the day fishing in the deep sea and nights bar hopping with your friends.
  2. Visit the Wrigley Field- Yes, you should not miss the home ground of Chicago Cubs. In fact, for most Americans and sports lovers across the world, Wrigley Field is a pilgrimage for them. You can eat the Chicago style hot dog and taste the famous Goose Island drink here too.
  3. Go for a canoe ride at Boundary Waters in Minnesota- The Boundary Waters at Minnesota is one of the best places where you can go for a canoe ride. You will find there are over 1500 routes for canoes with over a million acres of woods for you to explore.
  4. Summerfest in Wisconsin- If you and your friends are fond of music, do not miss the Summerfest at Wisconsin if you are in town. There are more than 800 bands playing at this event, and it is one of the most diverse musical events you should not leave out if you are in the USA.
  5. Kentucky Derby- If you love to watch racing horses in action at major tournaments on TVG, take your friends to watch the Kentucky Derby. You can also try the breweries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail while you are here.
  6. Check out the Millennium Force, Cedar Point- Millennium Force is one of the world’s fastest coaster to extend to 3000 feet. So, visit this theme park with your friends and experience the thrills.
  7. Take a swim at Great Lake- Do you and your friends love swimming? If yes, test out the waters at Great Lakes, they are much better than the lakes you have ever swum in. The water is fresh and clean. It is less salty than most lakes.
  8. Catch the sunrise at Upper Peninsula- This is one of the most spectacular sunrises you must capture when you are in the USA with your group of friends.
  9. Visit the Iowa State Fair- If you are a fan of culinary treats, visit the Iowa State Fair and savor bacon covered with chocolate and deeply fried Milky Way to delight your taste buds.
  10. Hanging out in Austin- Taste tacos for breakfast and go out for a tour with your loving friends here. You can go for a swim at Barton Springs and experience BBQ here as well.

So, if you are in the USA with your friends, make sure to hop over to the above places and have lots of fun during your stay here!

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  1. Love it – I think you mean “The Great Lakes” as in Michigan, of which there are 5 – but yes a really awesome destination. thanks for the article!


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