3 Extensions Your Google Chrome Needs

The majority of people are using Google Chrome as their web browser. Like most people, we’re always searching for ways to make life easier, whether it is with apps on our smartphones or extensions for Google Chrome. There are thousands of apps and extensions out there, but we take a look at three extensions for Google Chrome that you need to add!

1 – TabiTab

When you open up Google Chrome, you’re probably opening more and more tabs with each website you need open. With TabiTab, it makes for a quicker and easier browsing experience, which we happen to love! The Google Chrome extension allows you to have fast access to all your favorite websites and apps in one place. We happen to be one of those computer users that loves having their favorite music play in the background. TabiTab allows you to do just that, as we are able to sync our very own YouTube playlists right into the tab. Plus we love that we can search and find millions of videos with TabiTab, as well as get my favorite news updates in real time sent right to my tab! Download it here.

2 – Pablo

Admit it, you are addicted to social media. We all are! We’re constantly looking for cute photos or quotes to share with our friends, which is why Pablo is the perfect Google Chrome extension to add on. This extension allows you to make engaging social media images in less than 30 seconds. We love that we can go into the extension and have over 500,000 different images to choose from. We add in our quotes and it will fit perfectly for the social network you choose, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest. Download it here.

3 – The Camelizer

If you’re like us, then you like to shop online. As more and more stores are closing in malls, more and more people are mainly doing their shopping online. That’s where this add-on extension comes into play. The Camelizer is an unobtrusive Chrome add-on that gives you the price history of a particular product you are shopping for. This extension works with Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg. Not only does it give you the pricing trends for that product, but we love the fact that you can sign up for price drop alerts via email and Twitter! So, you don’t like the price currently? Sign up using The Camelizer and get alerts when that price is low enough for you to finally buy it! Download it here.

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