Top Google Assistant New Features: Better than Siri? Yes!

The Google Assistant and Siri are the types of Artificial Intelligence systems developed by the two well-known giants, Google and Apple respectively. In this article, we will talk about the all-new Google Assistant and its advantages over Apple’s Siri. After reading this article, you will come to know what features will make Google Assistant much better than Siri.

The intelligent calling feature

The all-new Google assistant comes with an intelligent calling feature. This intelligent calling feature can make a call for you. It has a capability to understand conversations. Moreover, it also communicates like humans in such a way that the person on the other side feels like he is talking to a real human. It also says “mm-hmm” just like us.

For an instance, you want to book a table in a restaurant. The Google Assistant 2018 first searches whether the online booking facility is available at that restaurant. If the online booking is available, it books the table online but if the online booking facility is not available at the restaurant, it books the table by making a call. For this, you just have to provide the basic information to the assistant like date, time, and the kind of booking and rest it will handle automatically.

Google has the team of top app developers across the world. They have been working on this technology for many years and it has been named as Google Duplex technology.
If we compare the Google Assistant with Siri; Siri lacks this intelligent calling system.

Google is Introducing the brand new Assistant voices

So that the person on the other end does not feel that he is talking to an Artificial Intelligence, Google has introduced 6 brand new Assistant voices in Google Assistant 2018. These brand new voices provide a natural feel to a person when he talks with Google Assistant. Thanks to the advancements in the technology, Google tech experts now create new voices within a short period of time. Previously, it took hundreds of hours in the recording studio to launch new voice. Moreover, the all-new Google Assistant is made to speak with different voices and applies pause whenever necessary just like human beings. This feature does not let the person on the other end recognize that he is talking to AI instead of a human.

Talking about the Siri, you cannot enjoy different voices of AI, instead, you can only change the gender.

Google Assistant helps you creating customized and scheduled routines

Now, you can customize and create your own routines with Google Assistant. With the help of all-new Google Assistant, a single routine with a variety of actions can be created easily. You can create a single command for a variety of actions for that particular routine. For example, you want to read the news, know the weather, etc. every morning. For this, you need not give separate commands to Google Assistant. You can customize all your morning actions with a single command like Good Morning. When you say Good Morning to the Google Assistant, it will understand and start performing all the allocated tasks for the morning routine.

Enjoy conversation with Google Assistant

There is no need to say OK Google every time when you are talking to the Google Assistant. The new Google Assistant is intelligent enough to understand that you are talking to it. With Google Assistant 2018, you can enjoy the to-and-fro communication. You will feel like you are talking to a human and not to the Artificial Intelligence. In short, you can directly make a conversation with the Google Assistant. On the other hand, Siri does not have such an advanced feature.

Can accepts multiple commands at a time

The Google Assistant 2018 can accepts multiple commands in one go. Google has upgraded its assistant with the capability to respond to multiple actions at a time. Let’s take an example, you want to know the temperature of two different states, say X and Y. Despite inputting two separate commands to know the temperature of these two states, you can input a single command as, “What is the temperature in X and Y?” As simple as that.

Experience the politeness in conversation

In order to make the Google Assistant talk with politeness, Google has introduced a new “Pretty Please” feature. When you say Please while talking to the assistant, it will understand that it has to answer the questions more politely. This is really a great feature introduced by the Google. Talking about the Apple’s Siri, no such feature has been introduced yet.

Introducing the Google Assistant in Google Maps

Google is going to introduce Google Assistant in Google Maps to boost the user experience. With the help of all-new Google Assistant, you need not leave the navigation screen to perform different actions such as sending messages, playing music, etc.

Enjoy the Assistant in new languages

The Google is going to launch its Assistant in 17 new languages 2018 including Russian, Dutch, Arabic, Hindi, etc. Moreover, soon the Google Assistant will be available in 38 more countries. Hence, bringing up the total number to 52. This is really a good news from Google.

Google Assistant gives appropriate suggestions

The all-new Google Assistant also acts as your traveling advisor. Based on your traveling taste, it gives you suggestions about the places where you can best spend your holidays. Moreover, it also shows you search results related to flight and hotel bookings.

Google Assistant helps you remember the things

Most of the time, we forget to take important things with us while leaving. For example, important documents. Or sometimes, we forget where we kept our important things such as our wallet, files, etc. The Google Assistant helps you remembering those things by setting up reminders. This is a cool feature offered by Google Assistant as compared to Siri.

What new features Google is planning to launch?

In the Android Oreo (Android 8.0 – 8.1), Google is planning to launch the Google Assistant in the Spanish language. Moreover, the Google team is also planning to integrate Google Translate with Google Assistant to provide you more simplified translation experience.


Due to the advancement in technology, it is possible that in future, the app development companies will develop such Artificial Intelligence apps that are intelligent enough to understand all types of conversations. Hence, make our life more comfortable.

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