Benefits of software development company and the trends it follows

by Emily on June 28, 2018

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“Change is the only constant.” This quote perfectly explains the software development market. This market has millions of companies and billions of developers. The need of software development is growing every day with growing percent of demand. The technology upgrades every minute, and every technology needs the new support system, new kind of software, new tools.

The primary reason software development services are gaining more and more success is the lack of skilled resources and expensive technology. There are so many reasons why outsourcing software development is getting popular and why its future is bright. However, first, let us see what the economic condition of software development market is.

According to a report generated by Statista, the amount expected to be spent on enterprise software is 391 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2018. As per the report generated by IDC, global information technology spending will reach beyond $4.8 trillion in 2018. Since the information technology market is expanding, it is undeniable that software development market also expands.

Every technology needs software to run it. Every software needs small modules. More substantial the technology, more important the code be.

Why is there need to outsource development to a software development company?

  • There are no skilled resources
  • There is no need to hire skilled resources for temporary tasks
  • Small modules that take the time can be time-consuming
  • It is expensive
  • Lack of technology
  • Lack of tools
  • Quality work
  • Lack of experience

Every company that wishes to develop software for themselves or a client understands the pain points of developing it in-house. It is a myth that only nontechnical companies outsource software development.

Significant software development enterprises also do outsource some share of work to offshore market. According to BrandonGaille, 46% of organizations have stated the reason behind outsourcing software development was cost-effectiveness that is provided. Whereas 28% of companies outsource the work to get the quality software and focus more on core business.

Outsourcing software development to a well-known app development company can reduce the cost by 80%. This is a considerable difference and organizations must consider it in decision making.

Let us focus on the benefits that are offered by these service providers:

1. Cost-effectiveness

Companies can manage capital efficiently by outsourcing software development task to service providers. These service providers have skilled and experienced resources; they have the latest technology and also latest tools.

If organizations try doing it in-house, it will be costly. This saved cost can be used in other business related things or to expand the business.

2. Time-saving

Since the service providers have all necessary tools and techniques, time is saved. After all, tools and technologies are made to reduce the time of development. If a company tries to hire resources in-house, it will take time to train them and make the project ready.

3. Quality

Some software might be complicated to develop. These companies have necessary resources and technologies such as platforms, tools to reduce the complexity. Also, due to the experience of years, the resources can provide high-quality software to the client organization.

4. Deadlines

The good companies have a reputation for offering projects within the deadlines offered. These deadlines are met successfully.

5. 24×7 support

Software development services are into this core business and hence can afford 24×7 support. Companies who have any doubt regarding software can contact these support executives any time and problem will be solved.

6. After delivery service

This benefit is essential. Many times delivering software as per the requirements is not enough. Working with the client even after delivery is essential. There might be some updates or doubts that resources need to work on.

Now let us see what trends are followed by these companies:

1. PaaS

Platform as a service is all set to capture greater momentum in the upcoming period. PaaS is nothing but a cloud computing solution. This solution delivers software as well as hardware tools to the service providers.

2. Automation

Automation is required in all parts of the business, be it accounts, marketing, development, testing. Automation in development handles the limited task. The codes which are repetitive and lengthy are written using automation tools. These tools are a bit expensive but worth buying. There are free versions available in the market.

3. Adaptability to IoT

Internet of things is accessible enough so we need not explain it to the users. However, do you wonder how is it necessary for developers? Not only mobile app developers need to consider IoT. also, but software development companies must also consider IoT.

Developers are in the thought process of how to best program devices that will enable IoT to optimize its usage. Until the year 2020, 50 billion devices are predicted to be connected with each other through the internet of things.

4. Artificial intelligence

AI involves big data, IoT, voice recognition, image recognition, machine learning, robots that perform human-like interactions. Artificial intelligence is the future of technology. Software development services must not ignore AI.


These were the benefits of software development company and the trends it follows. Software development market is growing with a rocket jet speed and developers will get more opportunities in future to develop unique software for end users. Customization is yet another plus point, software development companies offer.

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Prasanth Rajendran April 9, 2019 at 14:22

Thanks for sharing your views today current software development firms.


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True, Every company needs software to run. We do provide customized solutions starting from Basic to advanced level web applications.


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You have explained really well the benefits of software development company. Thanks for sharing the information.


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I really learned a lot from this. The way you explained was really well. The benefits of software development company are huge. Thanks for this eye opener post.


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