Why Every Business Should Create a Blog

A blog is a base for customers to read about all of their favourite companies and the company news, while also being able to grasp a stronger understanding of what the business is all about. Business blogs often account for majority of a website’s traffic, which often equal more conversions.

Still don’t think that that is a good enough reason as to why your business should invest in a blog? Here, Liberty Marketing share their 8 reasons on why a business blog is a great idea.

1. SEO Value – More Backlinks

A company blog gives you chance to write about topics which are being searched for at this current moment, which means the content that you produce will actually fuel SEO. Ranking well on any search engine usually means in acquiring authoritative links from top websites, which will be a lot easier to do if you are writing about well searched, well researched topics.

Getting links back to your website is a form of approval. If a high-quality website links back to your blog, then Google will recognize that they are using you as a source and begin to trust your website that little bit more. By using your blog to write high quality information, this will hopefully give your business a boost in the rankings.

2. Sharing the Company’s Great News!

A lot of businesses use their company blog as their chance to show off all of the great work they’re doing for the community and all of the awards that they are nominated for. You should do the same!

There is nothing consumers love more than seeing how fabulous a business is, so definitely make use of your blog by shouting about all the great work you’re doing.

If you spend some time researching your ideas and add a little panache when writing, you can certainly bring a lot more traffic to your website which could result in more conversions.

3. Free PR

News outlets run on fresh stats, information and figures and use other sources on their own website 99% of the time. Your research campaigns and funky blog posts could be picked up by news outlets completely free of charge. Just make sure that you keep sharing it on social media and keep writing great content, so it is easy to find.

4. Social Media

If your blog churns out some great content, then share it on social media. Social media is a great way for posts and information to get picked up and your connections will share it with their connections and so on.

By getting your blog and brand shared more on social media, there is a higher chance that you’ll start becoming more recognisable which could help build up your clientele.

5. Answer Customer Questions

This is your opportunity to address any confusions or questions about your services or products. A lot of the time, customers don’t want to phone your customer service line or call your phone to ask a question, which is why a blog is a great spot to create Q&As.

For example, if your longtail keyword research shows people are searching for ‘Are X products good for the environment?’, then perhaps write a blog post titled ‘5 Reasons Why the X Product is great for the environment’.

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