Digitalisation more than just a path to controlled pollution

If you have no idea about what digitalization then just sit back and relax as this piece of writing covers it. It wouldn’t just allow your cognitive ability to be enhanced solely by discussing a mere definition but instead, this piece reflects a lot more. Let us ponder over what digitalization truly is, however, before we move forward.

By definition, it is the embedment of digitalism as a way of living our daily lives. We digitalize all or most of what is around us using the digital technologies science has comforted us with is the so many years of continuous development and technology.

While many might argue that digitalizing everything would end us up at the verge of extinction or an alien invasion – which is rather funny to an extent – they do have a point. Depending too much on something without understanding the true benefits is not a healthy thing. You probably swipe through your mobile screen a zillion times a day but do you know how much the same screen can help you with?

With an increase in the pollution, deforestation, crime rates, and whatnot – digitalization might just be the superhero we all were (are) looking for.  It can be our last resort to a decreased rate in global warming and the sorts. How?

Let’s skedaddle over the points below, shall we?

1.      Deforestation Control

With the help of digitalization, we come across more than just Facebook or snapchat. We come across a whole era of writers and their writing waiting to be taken serious and be reviewed as well as appreciated globally. Now, with the help of;

•         Kindle
•         Watpadd
•         Amazon etc

Writers can publish their work all over the world. They get to own their copyrights and take what is truly their own. The best thing about online libraries etc is that zero pages are used in the process. Paper isn’t that much in demand and thus less trees are cut off. This leads to less deforestation and more oxygen for everyone.

Students no longer have to buy expensive books to maintain their grades – all they need is a good internet service like ATT Uverse internet packages to study online. People require online forums to either publish their work or to read them. Pretty awesome, no?

The work doesn’t end there – now you don’t have to wait to drop a mail because of the email service available to all for free. Organizations even take resumes online to save their time and yours as well as the precious trees that would, in the end, keep us all alive. Some schools have even started taking exams via computers etc to use less paper.

2.      Pollution Control

Due to a decreased rate in the usage of paper – the waste produced because it would also be lesser. People are also becoming responsible for not just their homes or the neighbourhood but instead mother earth as a whole.

Have you just seen the noodle straw idea booming all over the internet? It’s awesome – the best thing about it is that it would minimize the usage of plastic straws to a great extent.

Likewise, big data and IoT can be used to eliminate and reduce the risks of air pollution just by following in Beijing’s footsteps. Similarly, we can control all sorts of pollution just be using the required sensors and big data to pinpoint the emission points for them all. It might sound difficult but it isn’t. Only by doing so will we be able to make sure that our future generation gets to see a sun even.

3.      The Animal Kingdom shall rejoice

Since there would more forests and greenery the extinction rate of animals would also drop. This is because the animals would not have to find a new place to live every other day or year. The animals would have a permanent home which can minimize the natural as well as artificial threats they might face in case of a deforestation.

Ample forest trees and plants would also provide for them and keep them from starvations. The animal kingdom might once again be just as lush as it was once in the stories. Moreover, nature would be at its peak of gorgeousness.

The birds shall chirp to their heart’s content at the tall oak trees and more importantly we wouldn’t have to go to a greener country or state just so we could enjoy nature. Once there is a reduction in deforestation – nature would be widely available for all.

4.      Shopping made easy

Digitalization also makes shopping more accessible and easier for everyone. There is no longer a need for you to go to the shop and fight over the last piece – online shopping is the ultimate solution. No more queues or back pains from holding the shopping bags.

Just with a click from your room – you can order anything you want from food to clothes. The limitations do not even exist. In case, you want to be a vendor but can’t afford a shop – online market again is the way to go with for you. The clients can connect to you directly and make your business flourish more.

5.      E-commerce & Digital Workplace

Online banking also again saves you from having to use a lot of paper cheques and saves the trees. It also provides you with the luxury to pay your bills or transfer fund to someone else with the touch of a fingertip. You no longer have to meet people in order to pay them – no need for your employees to make a circle around you to collect their cheque – their banks would get the money online – simple as that.

Similarly, if you are an entrepreneur with zero budget the online market would give you a workplace. You don’t have to buy any furniture for it nor do you have to put up with its electric bills etc – everything is well taken care of online. You can work online as a one-man army or entrepreneur for as long as you desire without having to pay any rents.

6.      Know where you go

With the help of digitalization – now you can never get lost. You can have a map for anywhere you want to go and that to not on a piece of paper to confuse you! You can see your destination point as well as where you are. If you don’t know where you are even then the maps can help you calm down and find your way back.

Main point? Just sit tight and enjoy digitalization as much as you can. Help control pollution and plant more trees to minimize global warming. Most of all – stop being scared of a risk that might never even be there in the shape of transformers or robots.

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  1. Digitalisation has an unlimited number of benefits and a few drawbacks as well. We have to keep our mind open whether we are getting too much reliant on the digital world or not. Like, as we can talk to people over the phone, we become reluctant to meeting them in person. In the same way, when we are shopping online, we are also missing the experience to deal with people face to face. If we are fully aware of this, then everything will turn out fine.


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