The most convenient ways to find Beta users for testing your app

Users’ comments work as their advice which helps you develop an app with fewer flaws. Before launching an app in the market, you should test it multiple numbers of times. Also, it is necessary to check the app from the users perspective. Different users have different demands with the same apps. Hence, it is good if you find the audience which can test your app and let you know the flaws in your app. Such types of users are called Beta Testers.

Everytime you develop a new app, beta testers will help you test your app. They download your app and test it on their smartphones. When they finish the testing, they provide you with their feedback. By analyzing their feedback, you can do the necessary changes to your app. Here a question arrives, how to find the beta testers?

In this article, we will explain the most convenient ways to find the beta users to test your app.

Paid Advertising

If your budget is reasonable, you can take paid advertising options. Paid ads will help you reach the potential beta testers. Following are some of the examples of paid advertising:

Google Adwords

Make use of the Google’s search advertising platform. It is one of the best sources to reach the right users. You should have the set of relevant keywords to target the audience. For this, you can use the Keyword Planner tool of the Google. As you start searching on the Keyword Planner, you will find different keywords with different search volumes. Do not worry about that as your aim will be to find the right users, not the lots of users. Prefer long tail keywords more than the short keywords. Selecting the long tail keywords has two benefits:

  • It covers short tail keywords.
  • Long tail keywords are typically cheaper.

Do not forget to link your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts. It lets you measure the performance of all your ads.

Facebook Ads

If you think that your product is for a particular demographic, you can opt for Facebook ads. Facebook ads can help you target the audience at a specific location. Facebook connects the people of different interests to one another. Hence, it is a great platform to find the beta testers.

Ads on Facebook contain attractive images. These images best explain the content of the ad. It is one of the benefits of Facebook advertising. The users know much about your product only by viewing your ad. Plus, the eye-catching images on the Facebook Ad are also helpful in attracting a good number of users. Do not forget to tag your links. It will help you measure which audiences and images work best.

Reddit Ads

Reddit ads work well to find the tech-savvy audience. Show the audience on Reddit what you have made and invite their feedback. Ads on the Reddit are just like the regular posts. Redditors can leave comments on your posts.

If you have a gaming app, then Reddit is one of the best platforms for you to reach beta testers. You will find many beta testers for gaming apps inside the subreddit: GameDev. Besides this, you can also share the screenshots of your on each Saturday under the SSS (Screenshot Saturday).

For the apps other than gaming apps, you can use different subreddits. For example, Android and iPhone.

Hence, Reddit is one of the high platforms to test your app. Here, you can get hundreds of qualified beta testers.

Facebook groups

You can also join Facebook groups to find beta testers for your app. Facebook groups are beneficial. Here, you can find a large number of people having the same taste. For example, if you search for any Facebook group, say beta testers, you will find many groups. You can join one or all of them. Joining such groups on Facebook has many advantages.

  • You can directly interact with the beta testers.
  • These groups let you remain updated.

Beta Family

Beta Family is another platform to test the apps. This platform is suitable for both Android and iOS apps. Today, the Beta Family has approximately 35500 testers across the world. Such a large community will help you test your app.


Quora is a platform where people from different trades share their knowledge and help one another. You can use the platform to find the beta testers. Using the Quora platform is straightforward. Merely visit the Quora and post your question there. After you post your question on Quora, it will circulate on the Quora community. As people read your question, they will post their answers, and you will get the notification about it when you open your account. Or you can also enable the desktop notifications.

Beta user websites

There are some websites which provide beta testing services. Here, you will find the beta testers for Android as well as iOS app development. These websites let you access the initial set of users for feedback. UserTesting and BetaList are some of the examples of such sites.


Upwork is one of the best websites that connects freelance job seekers to the employers. If you want to hire app developer temporarily, such freelancing sites are an excellent option to search. But many of us do not know about that we can also find the beta testers on Upwork. At Upwork, you will find quality beta testers under your budget. They can help you refine your app. You can ask them questions regarding the testing.


PreApps connects the developers with the mobile app users. It is entirely free to post your app on the site. If you want, you can become a premium member of the website.

User Testing

User Testing provides you with the real users that give fast feedback to your app. It works on both Android as well as iOS. Moreover, you need not integrate SDK to test your app. User Testing helps you reach the best beta users. So that, you will get the most effective results.


Mobtest is another good place to find the beta testers to test your app. As you post your app on the platform, it will reach the beta testers on the Mobtest platform. The platform provides you with the report after the beta testers tested your app. Here, you can also invite testers by sharing your email address.


The audience is the end users. Hence, it is necessary to design every app from the users’ perspective. If the users do not like your app, your app will not enjoy a large number of downloads. Also, they can lower the ratings of your app on the store. Therefore, you should test your app several numbers of times before releasing it in the market.

Take the help of beta users. Such users download the pre-released version of your app and test it on their smartphones.

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