What is the importance of Swift Design Patterns for iOS App Development

Apps are the primary need for the trades. Hence, every company wants an error-free app, for which they hire iPhone app developers. To develop the error-free apps for the users is a challenging task. In this article, we will discuss how the Swift patterns are useful in iOS app development.

Before discussing the value of Swift design patterns, let’s see what are design patterns and why they are essential?

After its appearance in 2014, today, Swift has become one of the most popular programming languages for iOS app development. As per the recent January 2018 rankings, Swift is a potent tool that makes the task of developers easy.

Design patterns are the solution to a software problem. We use design patterns to speed up the problem-solving. We can also define the models as the templates which makes writing codes easy. Swift design patterns refer to the patterns designed by using the Swift language.

Importance of Design patterns

Unification of the code

Design patterns provide solutions about the testing of bug removal. Design patterns are also helpful in knowing the errors during coding. We can also find the faults in the app design with the help of design patterns.

Common vocabulary

Design patterns provide the solutions to the problems arise during the development process. Design patterns make the complex tasks easy during the build of an app. A design pattern makes it easy to know the solution for other developers too.

Tested solutions

Design patterns save the time of developers in finding the solutions to a problem. With the help of design patterns, developers know how they have to include the optimal solutions.

Importance of Swift design patterns


Since Swift design patterns are developed by using Swift language, they are easy to read and write. It takes less number of code lines to design Swift patterns. The reasons for better readability are many. One of the reasons is Swift drops many legacy conventions. These conventions include semicolons, parentheses in if/else statements, etc. Another advantage is the method and function calls use the comma-separated list of parameters within parentheses. It makes the code simpler.

Besides this, the use of Swift language in designing the patterns makes the code more natural. It is because of the use of plain English language. The improved readability makes it easier to adopt the design patterns for other programmers. As a result of which, they can detect the flaws in the program easily.


The design Swift patterns have made the maintenance easy. One of the reasons for this fact is Swift language has fewer dependencies as compared to the other programming languages.

Safer platform

In today’s competitive world, we aim to develop the apps with less or no flaws. Moreover, security of the users is also an essential factor to consider. We cannot ignore it while building an app. These Swift patterns also help in reducing the crashes in a software. With the help of these design patterns, programmers are less likely to make errors during writing codes. In this way, Swift design patterns add an extra layer of quality control.

Apart from this, Swift design patterns fasten the bug testing. It makes the programming safe and secure.

Fewer errors

Using the Swift design patterns, developers can write the codes which are fewer prone to errors. Also, the Swift design patterns reduce the efforts in coding. It finally leads to the increase in the productivity.


Swift design patterns also provide many advantages during the build process. With the help of these patterns, developers can write error-free programs in less time. The reasons for this fact is the app logic used in these patterns.

Increases the app performance

Swift design patterns smoothen the app build process. Hence, it helps in raising the level of performance of apps.

Open source license

Swift programming language is used in the Swift design patterns, which comes with an open source license. Apple made Swift to be open source in the year 2015. It makes Swift to be used on a variety of platforms.

Categories of software design patterns

There are three types of Swift design patterns. Have a look:

1. Creational

Creational design patterns are helpful in creating the objective mechanisms. These design patterns include various methods. Let’s see:

Singleton method

When you have to use only one instance for a given class, singleton method is helpful. At the initial attempt, it uses the lazy loading process to develop the single case.

Factory method

When you have to choose between a common protocol integrated class and common base class, the factory method is helpful. This design pattern uses logic to decide the selection of the class.

Abstract method

This method is similar to the factory one. The only difference is that you can use it to build a group of class.

2. Structural

The structural design pattern aims to simplify the design process. Let’s see the different methods used in structural design patterns:


MVC Refers to Model View Controller. It is an essential design pattern for iOS app development.


It is a structural pattern. It is useful for the objects with incompatible or mismatched interfaces. Adapter method helps such objects to work together. The Calendar and Event Management iOS apps are the examples of Adapter method.

3. Behavioral

It includes the following methods:

Template method

Template method is the backbone of the algorithms. It helps subclasses to redefine the phases of the algorithms.


It helps in saving the objects using CoreData.

We have seen the influence of Swift design patterns for iOS app development. Now, let’s talk about some criteria to hire Swift developers.

The Swift programming languages have broad applications. Many firms are using the Swift programming language. For example, Lyft, Linkedin, Airbnb, VSCO, etc.

If you are not sure about selecting the Swift language for your next projects, the following points can help you:

MVP development

Swift language is a perfect choice, in case, you have minimum viable product. Plus, it is fast, hence, saves your time in development.

Consumer-facing apps

Swift language is helpful where the production and speed of the apps are the critical needs.

Enterprise apps

Swift ecosystem offers a lot of possibilities to build business-oriented apps.


There are many design methods available to build the apps. One of these techniques is the Swift design patterns. Swift design patterns are useful in developing error-free apps. They not only save the time in build but also make the coding easy. If we talk about the importance of design patterns, they provide the unification of code, common vocabulary, and tested solutions. Besides this, Swift design patterns make the codes easy to read and write. It also makes the maintenance easy. Due to a lot of advantages of Swift design patterns, many app development companies are using these patterns.

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