Magento 2 vs Hybris! The showdown

Magento 2 and Hybris software are used to develop the e-commerce websites. Both of these softwares are good and bad in different aspects. Hence, if you are going to build an e-commerce website, you should know about both of these softwares before you hire Magento developer or a Hybris one.

This article will help you to select the best of these two softwares.

Advantages of Magento 2

Full Page Caching

Magento offers full page caching. It means it boosts the performance of sites. For this, it stores the HTML output of a particular page in a cache.

Caching stores the data in its buffer. When a user visits the site, it does not fetch the data from its database. Instead, it displays the HTML cached output. It in turns improves the performance and enhances the response time of the websites. Besides this, it also helps in reducing the server load.

Enhanced Admin Interface

It offers a more friendly user interface. Menus are available in a well-organized manner. It provides you with the easy navigation to the pages.

Performance and Scalability

Magento 2 comes with improved performance and scalability features. It can handle 39% number of orders. Moreover, it can add the products to the cart 66% faster than its previous version.

Compatibility with mobile

In today’s world, people spend their most of the time on their mobile phones. They access e-commerce websites on various gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, etc. Users want hassle-free access to websites. In such cases, Magento 2 plays a vital role. It comes with new design responsive themes. It lets developers create sites supported on different screen resolutions.

Increased productivity

With Magento 2, owners can operate and manage their web stores more efficiently. It helps them grow their business. Thanks to the new admin panel, owners can spend less time managing daily tasks.

Improved customer experience

Magento 2 provides the users with a faster and more pleasant shopping experience. It makes your stores gain repute.

Easy check-out

Magento 2 is highly customizable. Hence, it lets customers check out and place orders with ease.

Demerits of Magento 2

Cannot set up prices of products in each store view

Magento 2 lets owners set the price of goods for the whole sites. It means that the prices are similar in every store view.

Shipping and payment methods

Magento 2 does not let you separate the shipping and payment methods for each store view.

Base currency

With the Magento 2, owners cannot set the base currency for various store views. Here, the base currencies are enabled for the entire website, not for the store view levels. It is a problem because the users have to go through the payment conversion methods at the time of checkout.


Magento 2 does not have individual taxes for each store view.

Advantages of Hybris

Product Content Management

Hybris provides the users with a rich data of the items which you are selling. It also provides the data to the users for the goods that you receive from various vendors.

Easy Management

Hybris lets you manage all your data on a single page.

Easy Personalization

Hybris lets you personalize your services. So that, you can fulfil the demands of your users. It also enables you to change the payment options and plans.

Account Management

Hybris is useful for B2B users as they can manage their accounts and their orders.

Open source license

One of the significant benefits of the Hybris is its open source availability. The language used to write Hybris is Java. It means you can edit it within the spring framework.

Customer management

If a website faces vast traffic, it may crash. Well, this is not the case with Hybris. Hybris can support a large number of visitors which leads to fewer crash issues.

Disadvantages of Hybris


Hybris has a high price. It is a problem for you if you have a tight budget.

Additional cost

Hybris also charges you extra cost. You have to pay some added charges for support.

Small support

Hybris does not have a large community of developers. Hence, it is difficult to find an expert for support. Most of the time you have to search for the mobile app development company for help. In such a case, you have to pay them more.

We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both Magento 2 and Hybris. Now, let’s compare the essential elements of both software.

Magento 2 Vs. Hybris: The basic difference

Hybris is more popular among the sectors such as telecommunications, insurance, finance, etc. It is because Hybris provides a broad platform for business. It also offers the multi-channel e-commerce solutions to the clients. Moreover, Hybris comes with many useful tools which are helpful to the e-commerce firms.

Magento 2 offers a diverse range of digital marketing tools. On comparing Magento 2 with Hybris, we find that Magento 2 comes with a better analytics suite. It has an unlimited capacity of adding extensions virtually. Besides this, it also offers vast customization.


It takes a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of years to build a Magento site. The period varies as per the users’ needs.

The development time of a website using Hybris also depends on the users’ needs.


Magento 2 comes with the features like customizable design, product management, SEO, simplified shopping cart, support, mobile commerce, etc. On the other hand, Hybris offers the following features: Catalog management, omnichannel B2B, SEO, multi-channel commerce, etc.

Community size

Magento 2 has a vast community size. Have a look at the data:

  • Magento 2 has more than 250000 users.
  • About 150000+ developers are familiar with Magento 2 software.
  • Approximately 5000+ third-party platform extensions are available on Magento 2.

Hybris community is a small community with about 1000 active users.

Availability to the developers

Magento 2 has a large community of developers. The reasons for this can be many. One of the reasons for this is its open source availability. As per an estimate, there are about one-fourth of a million Magento 2 developers currently active.

On the other hand, the Hybrid developers are not as large as the Magento 2 developers. But the data may change in the future.

Usage statistics

There are total 10000 locations in the worldwide where Hybris software is currently is used. On the other hand, Magento 2 is used at more than 20000 physical locations in the United States.


Magento 2 provides its users with 24×7 support, live chat, and email support. Besides this, users also take advantage of its vast community forum.

On the other hand, Hybris offers 24×7, email, and phone support only.


Every technology has pros and cons. On comparing Magento 2 and Hybris, we found that the Magento 2 is better than Hybris in many aspects. That’s why most of the developers prefer Magento 2 software than Hybris.

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