How to make your corporate videos stand out from the rest

When endeavouring to spread the word about what your company is about, you could find video the most effective medium through which to do so. Did you know that, according to LinkedIn, videos on social media get 1200% more shares than images and text combined?

Furthermore, 82% of Twitter users see video on the microblogging site; however, this puts the onus on you finding ways to make your firm’s own videos stand out amongst the immense competition.

Use appropriate equipment for the task

Precisely what type of equipment you ought to use will depend on your objectives with the video. If you would be happy with – or even are aiming for – a “home video” look, a Flip camera could suffice. However, for a more professional-looking video, you will need more advanced equipment.

In that situation, you should also ensure that the camera stays steady. Don’t know anyone steady-handed who could hold the camera? Then use a tripod, as advised on the American Express site.

Be flexible with your shooting methods

The most suitable choices of shooting equipment will also be influenced by where you will be capturing the footage. There have been some suggestions, as noted by Business 2 Community, that businesses should aim to film here, there and everywhere – like at a residence or in a car.

In some settings, you might find that an iPhone makes a more practical type of video shooter – and, given the advanced camera technology inside today’s iPhones, you shouldn’t strictly fear using one.

Include humour and heart in your video

What is the “secret sauce” that could elevate your videos above the rest in terms of the attention they attract? It could be… your own personality. As Dr Seuss once said, “there is no-one alive who is youer than you” – and you might have a wacky sense of humour that your videos could show.

This can work well because people generally love laughing, though humour remains subjective and culture-sensitive. Therefore, a video made from the heart could speak on even more levels.

Do an audit of the audio

Another incentive to make videos rather than static imagery is that consumers remember 10% of what they hear. Still, if you lack experience in making videos, you might inadvertently capture much miscellaneous noise that adversely distracts from an otherwise harmonious viewing experience.

For example, you might pick up excessive background noise, or wind could blow into your microphone. Therefore, consider doing some sound checks before the camera starts rolling.

Au no! It’s not just about the audio

Despite what we have just advised, you should consider that, on Facebook, 85% of videos are seen without sound. Therefore, you need to make sure that the whole package of your video is finely crafted. If you lack an expert hand in video making, then consider looking for one.

The expertise you need could come from a corporate video production company like The Mob Film Company, which your business could contact through this external firm’s website.

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  1. For corporate videos do you think it is better to start off with an actual person on screen? Or to lead with a product image or demo?

    Often I find myself switching off immediately if it seems like it will just be someone talking too me, yet on the other hand jumping straight into the demo may mean you miss providing some context.

    Recently I have been just creating product demo videos for my startup, but Im wondering if I should be doing other forms of video content as well.


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