Effective Ways to Improve Conversion Rate of Niche E-commerce Website

by Guest Author on April 11, 2018

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With niche e-commerce sites it is essential to be focused on the approach to bringing in visitors to the site. Whereas the more general of sites could do with practically any type of visitor, the niche sites need the kind of visitors that could be interested in the services being offered or the merchandise being put for sale.

Listed below are some standard practices that aim at improving the conversion rate of niche e-commerce websites and it must be pointed out that the steps outlined are effective for the very purpose.

Upselling the products

This could well be considered a classical marketing technique as far as niche websites are found. When someone is satisfied with a product or service, it is only natural that such a customer looks for better value and this is the very purpose of upselling.

In upselling methods, the customer is offered a higher priced product or a higher value for the same product, and in return, the person gets more features or more substantial quantity of merchandise. A critical factor in selling merchandise is that the more units are sold, the higher the margins realized. This is typical because of the economies of scale that kick in with a higher volume sold.

Using the social media effectively

If social media is considered, often the effectiveness of the application would depend a lot on the person getting to apply the media to the site. It is vital that a proper understanding is done of the compelling nature of the medium and the best results are often when the maximum efforts are expended.

It is a mistake to assume that by spending more significant sums of money a higher success rate is achievable and this applies to any marketing activity and not just the niche e-commerce platforms. But it is possible to bring on a higher degree of focus to the very event as compared to the more traditional approach to promoting merchandise.

A look at Theledtv.com would point to the efforts taken to integrate the social media platforms to the site in all ways possible. The media is used to announce the latest offers on TVs to publishing the best suggestions that can be had at any point in time. But there needs to be more done and this can only come about with time.

Keep a check on abandoned carts

Most shopping sites are faced with the issue of abandoned carts. These are customers that did not complete the purchase but loaded their carts with products. So what would happen is that the stock of a product on the cart would be reduced by the piece ordered, but the fact is that the piece does not get sold anyway.

The more practical issue with this sort of practice is that a lot more stock would need to be maintained for the efficient functioning of the website. Considering that the niche e-commerce sites just cannot have the luxury of stocking large quantity of merchandise, this phenomenon must be controlled as best as could be done.

For the most part, this sort of loaded carts can be handled by asking customers to remain alive and active. Commonly, this is done by merely needing to log on from time to time.


The above points seek to increase the billing of e-commerce sites as well as reduce the need to keep high stock of products. But it must be said that often some niche sites would have issues that are more local to the field that they are in and a more focused approach to the whole matter must be made.

Guest article written by: Kedy is an editor at The General Post and helping people to balance their life and work. He loves to write about various topics that motivate readers to chase the success. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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