How To Find Influencers Who Are Interested To Share Your Content?

There is no perk as great as influencer marketing that this digital age has bestowed upon us. The voice of authenticity that an influencer adds to a brand or a product appeals much more to a commoner than direct advertising. Be it brand awareness, sales, or campaign, influencer marketing carries the potential to drive up any required factor. The strategy, therefore, has become an integral part of every brand’s marketing plan.

However, as great as the concept might be, it needs the support of right set of influencers to succeed. Influencers who hold a command over the target audience of a particular brand can deliver its message effectively and help it achieve the desired end. While there is no dearth of influencers on the digital space, it is indeed difficult to get onboard the one you feel perfect for your brand personality.

So the question then arises how to find influencers who not only represent your brand appropriately but are also interested to share your content. Although experts like that at TribeLocal have many tricks up their sleeves, here are few steps that a brand can follow to get an influencer share its content:

Find the best influencers

Finding the right set of influencers translates to not only just finding the influencers working in your field of interest, but also those who frequently share others’ content. Building a relationship with influencers who provide inputs but avoid even minimal outside influence aren’t a great help to brands. Instead, building a relationship with influencers who value industry inputs and share them with their users help communicate a brand’s message to a large set of audience. Check their Facebook feeds, Twitter timelines and other social media profiles to get an idea of their activities.

Share their content

Influencers essentially have the same goal as a brand – reaching maximum people. Sharing their content adds to their popularity. Do it often and they are bound to notice your contribution in their success. So focus your efforts in determining the platforms they are most active on and share any content relevant to both the parties. Add personal insights alongside and even better, tag them in your tweets to increase the chances of them seeing it.

Write quality content

No influencer would be interested in sharing mediocre content. Quality is always the priority over quantity, so the more qualitative you write, the better chances you stand of your content being shared. Ensure that your content is well-researched, engaging, and accurate. Offer a new perspective with your work which gets people talking and be original at all costs. Incorporate the BuzzSumo and Moz insights to make your content as qualitative as possible.

Offer contribution to their blog

Check your ideal influencer’s website to see if any guest post submission guidelines are provided. If yes, follow them to the point. If no, consider reaching them via mail with a request to contribute. Influencers too seek quality content and might submit to your request if your website gives a favourable review of your content creation capability. Writing a guest post helps build a relationship with an influencer and a long-term relationship is more beneficial for both the parties than a short-term partnership.

Introduce them to your brand

While introducing your work might seem nerve-wrecking as a direct pitch of your brand, know that they too are interested in your field of work. Given that the digital space is crowded with content, it is highly plausible that an influencer might miss out on your brand. Introducing your brand not as an entity but as an innovation helps them what new factor you are bringing to the industry and in case they might like your work, not only will they check it out online but probably publish it too.

Comment on their blog

Actively respond to the content influencers post on their blog or website to come into their notice. The idea is even more advantageous if the influencer responds to the comments actively too. However, keep in mind not to waste away your comment. Say something insightful that engages both the influencer and the audience. Also don’t resort to self-serving comments – keep the discussion about the blog post rather than about your brand. The more passionate and intelligent you portray yourself, the more noticeable you will be.

Personalize your contact

Whenever contacting an influencer on mail or meeting him or her in person, personalize your conversations as much as possible. First and foremost, it involves familiarizing yourself with their work. Get to know their field of interest, writing style, and memorize anything important. Incorporate this knowledge in your conversations with pointers from their blogs, personalized mails etc. Personalization helps build a relationship beyond business – it makes them feel special that a brand too values their input and therefore, makes them notice you and your input on a frequent basis.

Adding the advantage of influencers helps propel your content to great boundaries in the digital world. Remember to focus on building a relationship rather than seeking any short-term profits. Promoting your brand through influencers not only helps you reach potential customers but also removes any doubt from users’ mind, owning to the voice of authenticity. Remember to target influencers aligned with your interests. Go through as much content as possible to see who is able to represent your brand the best and then work towards building a relationship. While personal relationship helps further your interest, do not lose sight of your professional interests either.

Personalization, keeping tab on their content, building a relationship – all these factors do influence the influencers in your favour. But it is important to stress upon the most important factor of all, which is, creating quality content. No matter whether you are in constant touch with an influencer or barely know him or her, as long as you have the ability to create quality content, you will attract eyeballs and therefore, shares. So either bank on your content or take heed of these ideas as well, but don’t shy away from influencer marketing since it works wonders.

Guest article written by: Shishir is an ex-startup entrepreneur currently working on kickstarting inbound marketing for a Silicon Valley startup. Cracked the code of generating 750K monthly traffic in 10 months by using creative content.

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  1. Some great tips here! I think buzzsumo is the bomb, so many things you can discover there. Love your tip on personalizing your contact!


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