Does Free CDN Offer Integrated Service to the Websites?

by Emily on March 27, 2018

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CDN or Content Delivery Network is the most popular mode of distributing website load on servers. With the advent of advanced digitization, the need for implementing strategized steps for enterprises has also grown exponentially.

There are multiple options for CDNs available in the market. We will help you decide what type of option suits you – whether it is expensive CDN solutions, cheap CDN or Free CDN, you will take an informed decision at the end.

The Solution to Performance Lag

Content Delivery Network is an exclusive solution that effectively meets the concerns of the website performance. It has transformed the perception of web hosting service by simplifying the system of content delivery.

It gives you the liberty to distribute the contents of your website among multiple proxy servers rather than constricting it to a single host. This has enabled the systematic distribution of traffic, not affecting a single server due to traffic influx.

Why is the Content Cached to the Proxy Servers?

The static content of a web page consumes the maximum amount of loading time. Hence, it is mirrored to the edge servers, which are the proxy host servers. These servers are also known as ‘nodes’ that are distributed in various locations across the world. The distribution of the nodes helps deplete the distance between the user and host server, contributing to reduced latency.

After a request is initiated from the user’s end, it gets routed to the nearest node, which is the storehouse of the static contents. It immediately transmits the necessary information, remarkably depleting the downtime.

Competent CDN Hosting Service Provider

CDN is a stupendous technology medium that offers numerous pros to dominate this highly competitive market. However, those advantages can only be enjoyed if you have selected a competent service provider. Since the market is overflowing with countless options for web hosting service providers, it is important to implement acute research for an appropriate selection. Have you come across the options of free CDN?

The prospect of availing a part of the splendid service free of cost can be highly alluring, but it has some restrictions as well. It is suggested to select cost-effective solutions that can be tailored as per your requirement rather than opting for an unpaid version. A website is the identity of your brand, which should be nurtured with proper care to efficiently elevate the advantages.

Attributes of a Versed CDN Service Provider

It is tenacious to locate the finest service provider, which not only offers integrated service but also fits in your budget. In order to narrow down your search options let us have a look at the attributes that contribute to a proficient CDN service provider:

  • Promptness– An ideal website must respond with the requested information before blinking of an eye. The state-of-art servers must be able to deliver the contents of a media enriched website with equal efficiency. CDN service provider also contributes to enhanced coverage of network to fulfill the demands of the target clients.
  • Security– CDN assists the encryption of SSL, firewalls, as well as miscellaneous protection option. This ensures nearly 100% uptime and security of sensitive information, which is cached in the server.
  • Pocket-friendly- The services offered by a competent CDN service provider is not constricted by a contract. The remuneration is charged as per the usage of the resources, rather than cumulative fees.
  • Scalable- It offers flexible options to scale the resources as per the requirement. This not only restricts the misuse of resources, but also helps offer the most compatible solution.
  • Past history- With a positive track record, you can be assured of the services offered by the service provider.

Reasons for Opting for CDN

Static contents like JavaScript, audio files, video clips, CSS files, and more can be cached to the nodes. Let us have a look at the reasons for opting CDN hosting service:

  • No need for downloading- There is no need to download the contents, once a user visits your website through a CDN. It caches the contents to the browser, saving the uploading time.
  • Scattered data centers- As the nodes are distributed across the world; it contributes to quicker download of the contents.
  • Storehouse of analytical information- CDN not only delivers the required contents at a rapid pace, but also presents detailed analytical information. This hikes the sales immensely.
  • Advanced infrastructures- CDN adds advanced features to the conventional web hosting services. It aids in low loss of packet data, enhanced availability of a web page, and reduced network latency.
  • Seamless file download- It allows simultaneous download of numerous files, which the traditional browser fails to accomplish.
  • Enhanced performance- It saves the bandwidth needed to access the host server, distributes the traffic, and elevates the performance of a website.
  • Management of traffic influx- Once a website earns popularity; it is common to experience traffic influx. Due to the distributed edge servers, the traffic density gets dispersed, not affecting the user experience.
  • Irrespective of the size of enterprise- The services can be enjoyed irrespective of the size of the firm. This enables even a small-scale business to establish a prominent identity among the others.

There are free CDN service providers available in the market that claim to provide the aforementioned benefits. However, it is essential to carry out a proper research to identify the relevance of the services offered. presents one of the finest CDN solutions to cope with the elevating demands of the websites in a cost-efficient manner. It has multiple nodes as well as PoPs to cover a huge area across the globe. This enables you to enjoy the highest performance and lowest latency.


With the growth in digital marketing, it is important to embrace the latest technology of web hosting. This will ensure you enjoy the benefits offered without experiencing any delay in performance.

Free CDN offers partial advantages, which restricts you from enjoying the maximum output. However, the tailored CDN service aids in accelerated operation of the web pages with magnified satisfaction of the customers.

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