How You Should Be making Presentations in 2018

PowerPoint is technology stuck in the past. No matter who the presenter is, we’re all secretly suspicious that a sneaky star shaped slide transition might come out of the woodwork and bore us all silly.

But what can we do? Apart from vaguely picking up presentation tips here and there, and trying to not overload every slide with a million words, we’re always left feeling like the hard work we’ve put into making a presentation just isn’t reflected in the result.

So how should we really be making presentations in 2018?

PowerPoint Templates

If you’ve not heard of using PowerPoint Templates to save yourself time making presentations, then you’re in for some great news. You’ve missed the blip in presentation history where PowerPoint templates sucked. Really sucked.

You’re sure to have seen a bunch of them, from corporate meetings to school assemblies they will have popped up viciously to undermine presenters in your local area. They were usually put together by three clashing color blocks with some abstract clipart to keep us entranced, but in reality, served opposite purpose.

But PowerPoint templates have now evolved. Thanks to the tireless tutting by designers everywhere, businesses big and small have invested in improving their PowerPoint presentation templates, and that demand has given rise to many beautiful professionally designed presentation resources out there to inspire everyone.

Slide Library

Now, if you’re making presentations on a regular basis, using a presentation template can seem like you’re becoming monotonous in style, and not getting your points across clearly enough.

This is where using a slide library can come in handy. A slide library consists of hundreds of PowerPoint templates which can be put together to make a unique presentation template, ready to open up straight in PowerPoint.

Using a slide library can be particularly useful when branding is important in a team, when presentations are being made regularly, or when slide management can help to get a PowerPoint explosion under control.

The TED Rule

Capturing not only the attention, but also the imagination of the audience is a skill which only TED speakers have managed to do in the last few years. But what makes their presentations so different? Could it be the TED rule?

The TED rule in presentations is to have little to no words where a picture can do. Keeping the magic of the information to be expressed through speech, in a time where visual aids are the norm, might be the key to giving the perfect presentation.

Giving presentations in 2018 should not take an age only to create something bordering on boring. Learn to use the resources out there to get a perfect presentation design right every time, and instead of ever slaving away with a last minute presentation, find the right PowerPoint template for you.

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