How to Make the Most of Your Yard Sign Marketing Efforts

Yard signs provide a low cost yet highly effective way to generate leads to your business or event. They do not cost much and are quite effective in reaching the right audience. The effectiveness of this marketing technique will however depend on a number of factors. Key among them is how you utilize the cheap yard signs you have. If you do not use them rightly, then your message will be lost especially when it is not reaching the right people.

Where you place the sign counts

The location in which you will place the sign counts. The most strategic place is of course where you will reach the highest number of people. The location will depend on the type of sign that you are putting up. If the sign is for real estate sales for example, you want the signage at the property that you are selling or buying. This will work by letting potential buyers or tenants know of the property that is available. Presence of your contact information allows them to know who to contact for further details.

A sign that is advertising an event should of course be near the event. You can use arrows to point to the direction of the event as this will simplify the matter of directions to any potential attendee. The sign serves as a notice of what is going on and the arrow gives direction where the reader of the sign should go. Consider the message you want to pass and put the sign at a location you are sure a potential user of your goods or services will see and respond to the same.

When setting up a double-sided yard sign, ensure it is at a location that will serve traffic from both directions. If it would strain traffic on one side to read the sign, consider putting up one sided signs at different locations that will serve traffic flowing from different directions.

Keep it simple

Do not go overboard with your use of yard signs. Keeping it simple means stating your message and giving directions. A phone number or an arrow will do sufficiently. Most people will be on the move when they encounter your sign, especially if you have placed it at an intersection or highway. They will have time to jot a phone number but not memorize a long physical address. The message should point to your intention. You should avoid too many details as this may overwhelm the reader.

If the person is interested in further details, he or she will definitely call to find out more. That said, you should not be vague either in your message. Do not use a logo as not everyone will be familiar with your brand. Also, do not use a phrase that will confuse or not say much about what you want to promote. If you have more than one service or product, pick one that is sure to get the attention of consumers and interest them in others when they come to your shop.

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  1. Where you place your ads certainly counts as people wud not see it if they don’t happen ton pass in that area.


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