Increase productivity and improve your posture with versadesk

Nowadays, with the burdensome amount of work everyone is handling, they have to grab a chair in front of a computer for hours altogether. To meet deadlines they can go up to overtime and even bunk meals. Well, that is not a part of our discussion here! The topic of discussion is the health deteriorations sitting at one place can bring about.

Sitting disadvantages:

Sitting at one place can hamper your body postures. Bones get dismantled at a very young age which thereby affects your nervous system, affecting your overall potential. It engenders laziness, makes young people old. It even fuels obesity which thereby increases blood pressure and sugar levels. It also seems to increase the risk of deaths resulting from heart attacks and cancer. It can even lead to increased cholesterol levels reducing the age and lifespan of the persons drastically.

In order to counter these, researchers have wisely spoken that you should stand while in your leisure time. If you want to pick up a discussion, take your colleagues out for lunch rather than rupturing your heads in a heated conference room. You can burn calories, break down fats thereby reducing risks from all kinds of diseases.

Description of versa desk:

So how about a standing desk? It is well known as a versa desk. Made of strong wood, it can withstand any amount of load. It has electric powered riser to convert a sitting desk into a standing one in moments. It just needs to be assembled and then it can hold your system while you focus on your work. It can even adjust as per your heights.  It can support up to 80 lb and meets the ANSI/BIFMA standards.


  1. While people are forced to bleed their sweat out, they forget about postures and are completely engrossed in their work. This slowly leads to drooping of their shoulders and backs, which makes their backs saggy after an age. So maintaining a good posture is far more important which further improves your personality and boosts self-confidence.
  2. It burns calories and reduces risks of metabolic and heart diseases. It even regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure. They also help to eliminate upper back and neck pain which is now a common complaint among individuals.
  3. In fact, a versa desk facilitates working while standing thereby, enhances mood and energy levels thereby improving the mental state. It helps in reducing stress and strains of work thereby helping you to lead a happy life. It enhances the blood circulation and oxygen delivery which thereby increases the metabolism rates and improves body energy levels.
  4. If the employees are happy and sound, work goes on well, thereby proliferating productivity. The brain gets recharged and you start thinking in an innovative and productive way that positively impacts your organization. If the productivity is high, there are laurels and profits flowing in.
  5. It also has a farsighted advantage i.e it helps in increasing the lifespan of people. If a person has reduced risks of diseases, he stays happy and healthy for years to come.

VersaDesk is actually an advantageous asset for people. You can switch from standing to a sitting posture in a few moments. It can indirectly enhance your lifespan. You can customize its size as per your height and can even get your own colours. Life is short but let’s not make it too short by our own foolishness. It’s time to take a stand away from the crowd by adopting this new means and making our lives richer, happier, healthier and merrier! If you are thinking to purchase one, you may like to make use of versa desk coupon code for a discount. To check for other discount codes you can have a look at Coupon Cause. It does a great job offering you the latest deals.

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  1. It’s true that sitting in one place and staying there for so long can impose health risk. I think standing desk is a good alternative apart from ergonomic chair. You can really adjust it based on your preference.

  2. Loved the content. Thank you so very much for your article. This is really good information. It’s great to visit your blog. It really gives me some insight into this subject.


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