How To Get People Addicted To Your Mobile Application?

by Guest Author on May 4, 2018

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The mobile applications have been our part for over a decade. The mobile application was first made available in the year 2008 by Apple where its app store had only 800 applications at the start. Now the app market has grown over 5 million applications both Android and iPhone combined. Even in this sea of applications, there are only a few applications that can get you addicted.

Even if you consider the facts, out of 10 applications on your device, how many applications do you use regularly? The answer to this question will justify the abandonment of the application. Although the mobile application itself is addictive because of the services that they provide, the real secret lies behind the front-end and back-end development of the application. This is a part that influences the people and makes them addicted to the application. Without further a due, here are the tips and tricks that can help you get the user addicted to your application.

Revolutionary idea

The application idea should be revolutionary that should help the user on a daily basis so your application doesn’t consume unnecessary space on the user’s device. Even if you try to copy the app idea, the application cannot match the usability of the true application. If you keep the app idea unique, innovative features can be employed based on the idea.


The design of an application can influence many users. As the saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression” and as the design is the definition of the first impressions. A simple design can also do the trick of creating an impression. Hence the design of the application can be extremely useful in getting people hooked on your application.

Offline usability

This is another feature or facility that any user is looking for in an application. The offline usability of the application allows the user to avoid the long login process, online advertisements, and many other online hassles. This can also help the application work faster and seamlessly.

User-friendly monetization strategy

The user-friendly monetization strategy will put an end to accessing different bank and wallet accounts for fund transfer. This strategy will make sure that your application is friendly to in-app purchases and upgrade options. The annual or monthly payment option can help the user to understand the importance of your application.

Learn from feedback and review

This is an efficient method that can help you gain an insight into the user’s mind and demands. This will let you know all the necessary changes that need to be done so that the developer can alter the application according to it. The bugs and flaws in the documents can also be detected with the help of review and feedback.

These are some of the important tips that are helpful in making the application addictive. These tips are used by many Mobile App Development companies to make the application one of a kind for the users. Following this tips will also help you develop an interesting application.

Guest article written by: Kinjal Patel is an internet marketing manager and also the co-founder of Vrinsoft Technology. She has attended many tech conferences and conducted the technical expos on latest search engine marketing updates. She shares her opinion and informative stuff through the blogs/articles.

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