How You Can Market For Businesses That Might Be Considered As Risky By Some

by Emily on May 8, 2018

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The marketing world is full of a variety of businesses both that are staples of society like banking and those that might be looked down upon like gambling or nightclubs. Google has also played a part in making life harder for certain industries by penalizing sites that work with certain industries by putting ads on their sites. While Google has no place being the moral guard of the people it is a fact that you have to play the game as Google dominates web searches in the US. The following are ways that you can market even though your business might be in a risky industry.

Social Media

Social media can be the perfect place to promote your business regardless of what industry that you are in. For the most part social media does not remove posts or ban accounts as long as you adhere to the rules. Most of these rules have to do with hate speech or nudity although Twitter seems to be the wild west of social media. Find the platform that helps your business convert and engage with your followers as much as possible. If you run a nightclub you should post about events but also post pictures of past events so followers can see what they are like. Avoid arguing with followers though as this looks bad in the eyes of others even though certain accounts might get annoying.

Content Marketing

Content marketing can be used to educate people on certain topics and can help make people see your business in a more favorable light. The blog is the perfect place to educate people as it is your platform to get your message out there. In the case of medical marijuana that will be mentioned below it can be the place to dispel the “Reefer Madness” information that most people have accepted as true. As most people know by now marijuana will not make you kill or try harder drugs but rather alcohol is a gateway drug more than cannabis. Engage in discussions via the comments to see if you can change someone’s mind about your industry or what you are selling.

Medical Marijuana Niche

The medical marijuana industry has exploded as it seems like state after state legalizes the plant for medical as well as recreational use. Marijuana is still federally illegal and this can present issues for those trying to market for dispensaries or other marijuana related businesses. Getting a loan for one of these businesses or finding a bank to accept their money can be tough as the bank does not want the federal government freezing their funds. Doing off-site marketing in the form of publishing posts or ads on websites can be tricky as some people simply have bought into what they’ve been told about the plant although most of the claims have been false. The history of cannabis is full of problems like these. Targeting websites that endorse marijuana or are hosted in these states give marketers a better chance of a favorable reply from the site owner. Utilise social media to promote your posts off-site and on your blog. The industry is full of money so paying a bit extra for certain ads is well within the power of a dispensary.

The marketing world will continue to have those niches that are more difficult to market for than others. Take the time to have a well-thought out strategy when approaching marketing as this needs a creative spin in order to be a success!

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