What To Be Prepared For When Attending Your Next Job Interview

Everyone gets nervous about upcoming job interviews and part of that is due to the fear of the unknown. Every company is different, and you never can predict exactly what will be thrown at you during an interview. However, you can still prepare yourself for most eventualities.

1. Tough Technical Questions

If you’re applying for a job that requires a specialized skill set then be prepared to answer some technical questions. It’s the interviewer’s job to make sure you know your stuff.

2. Questions About Your Work History

If you have glaring gaps in your work history, then be prepared to be asked why. The same goes if you have been hopping from job to job every couple of months.

You should also expect the common “why did you leave your last position?”

If you work history looks a bit shady, then you should be prepared to give some strong reasons why to clear up the matter.

3. Completely Unexpected Questions

Some interviewers may like to throw a curveball to their candidates. Be prepared for a sudden question that puts you off balance, such as what is the difference between an Elk Vs Moose. Unless you’re applying for a zoological position, this question simply won’t be relevant. However, it will assess your ability to deal with the unexpected.

4. Questions About Your Career Ambitions

Be prepared to be asked what drives you and why you applied for the position in the first place. Companies want dedicated staff that are willing to grow with the company. They don’t want people who will only hang around to make a few bucks and then jump ship.

5. Group Interviews

Many companies are shying away from one-on-one interviews by putting the focus on group sessions. Candidates are typically arranged across multiple tables and may have one interviewer/manager at each table.

These group interviews can be a good way to assess candidates’ teamwork and leadership skills by providing each table with a task to complete. They are also a more efficient practise then one-on-one interviews.

6. Skill, Intelligence, And Psychological Tests

Many companies place a heavy emphasis on pre-employment testing.

Don’t be surprised if you get a multi-choice intelligence test placed in front of you. Now, these tests may seem intimidating but they just a simple way to understand your reasoning and deduction skills.

Some companies also assess candidates through written emotional-intelligence tests.

If you are going to be working in an office, then the ability to churn out words may be crucial. Many employers require candidates to complete a typing test and score 30+ words per minute, depending on the nature of the position.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your next interview unnerve you. By knowing what to expect you will be less likely to be caught off guard. Be prepared to deal with an onslaught of tough questions and even a battery of tests. Just remain steadfast during the entire process, and you may end up landing your next great job.

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  1. Best ideas! And also, you can prepare your questions. When asked by the interviewer if you have any questions, have a few ideas up your sleeve. This demonstrates that you’re prepared, enthusiastic, and committed to the role and the company. Try to think of less obvious but interesting questions that will set you apart from other candidates.


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