Promoting Your Business on Social Media Using Videos — Pay Special Attention to These Aspects!

One of the most important things today is social media, a vital component of everyone’s marketing strategy to make their business grow. Whatever your business type maybe, social media will add more spice to your business and make it popular. Social media offers a variety of content sharing options that make marketing your business a seamless effort in reality. One of the most popular modes of content sharing on social media is the sharing of videos. Also, using videos can be a big marketing strategy for you as a business owner. In this article, you will learn about the various techniques and tips by which you can use video sharing to your advantage and promote your business.

1. Social Media Platform

What type of video you share depends a lot on the social media platform which you are using. Today the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and all of these platforms support video sharing. However, while Facebook can be accessed both from a desktop and a mobile app, Twitter and Instagram are accessed more often by their mobile apps and not on desktops. This means that on Instagram and Twitter, the videos you share must be short, sweet, brief and to the point. You must not post long videos on Instagram as viewers do not use Instagram to watch videos primarily. The same holds true for Twitter, and also on Twitter, you should put in a little tweet to accompany the video with a link to your business website. The twit will serve as an introduction to the content you want to market via that video. In Facebook, you can put longer videos and along with it write a long detailed post to explain anything in detail, should you want to. However, for Instagram and Twitter, brevity is the key.

2. Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is a technical aspect of the video, but it is an important factor nonetheless. You need to maintain a medium 4:3 aspect ratio for users who watch your videos on a desktop but for users who will use their mobile apps primarily, the aspect ratio needs to different, like 16:9. It will ensure that the video does not look compressed or stunted when viewed from mobile phones. Thus you have to allow the option to let users select the aspect ratio they want based on the device which they are using. Therefore, you must not set a fixed aspect ratio on any video which you upload on social media.

3. Quality

The quality of the video also has to flexible. Not all users might have high-speed internet or data plans in their phones, and not all of them will have the necessary data balance to watch your videos in their full resolutions. However, as a business owner, you have to ensure that these guys do not miss out on your videos despite their poor internet speed or data balance. Thus you should see that your videos can be customized to play at a variety of resolutions starting from 144P to 1080P or 720P. Therefore, users can choose to see your videos without worrying about their internet balance getting finished or poor network slowing their videos down. The result would be that more people will learn about products. It can open a whole new target audience group for you.

4. Content

Of course, the content of the videos which you share should be of good quality. High quality content is recommended to win the viewer’s trust. The viewer must not ever feel that his or her time is being wasted as this can make not visit your page or opening your videos ever again. The content you share also has to be relevant to the products and the services which you offer in your business. You can also share videos regarding essential events or special occasions. You can make videos of your products being used or manufactured or interviews of people who have used your products in the past and would now like to share their experiences. Informational and educational videos are quite popular as they make the viewer feel that he or she is going to learn something new.

5. Duration

Once again the length of the video depends upon the platform in which you will upload your video too. For Twitter and Instagram, you should upload short videos of around 20-30 seconds each or a maximum of 1 minute. The shorter the videos are, the more likely it is that people will move on from one video to another video of yours. On Facebook, do not upload videos which are more than 5 minutes because users will just move on when they see a big video coming up in their feed. You can visit Social Growr to know how social media can help grow your business.

Video sharing is an important aspect of social media marketing. Hopefully, this article showed you which type of videos you should upload to get success.

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