Virtual digital assistants are getting popular among individuals. People are finding it a reliable and convenient source in their bustling lives. It is estimated that by 2021, about 1.8 million people will be facilitating from this captivating technology.

54% particulars think that this automated system has made their lives more comfortable and 31% of them had already made it as a part of their daily lives.

65% of the users have employed this technology from personal to special purpose usage.

It is believed that 50% of the individuals that have acquired this technology, bring in to play more than their personal needs.

The idea of having a device capable of virtual digital assistant technology is evolving rapidly and with great advancements.  The number of its adopters also increases relatively. According to a survey, people using the virtual digital assistant tech will increase more than 3 times by 2021.

Where VIRTUAL DIGITAL ASSISTANTS are being manipulated?

Almost half of the benefactors believe that they get reminded of personal appointments, getting alerted of daily emails, and receive news about traffic situations on the roads.

37 % of the users have it for getting sports news and a similar percentage of people call for their rides using digital assistants.

43 % use it for ordering their meals or to get their goods delivered from the grocery or other shopping stores.

Why people are using this technology?

23% of the people think it looks cool and fun using it.

55% believe that they don’t have to make use of their hands and can get info with voice commands while doing other stuff.

22% feel more comfortable narrating their concerns instead of writing them up and it is considered a more natural approach. 

14 % think it is ideal for children to explicit their concerns using this tool who feel difficult in other ways of communicating and expressing themselves to machines.

62% of the people who have acquired smart devices that are capable of Virtual Digital Assistants like Siri, Google Now, Cortana, Amazon Echo, etc. are so much enchanted by the idea that they are about to buy something in the upcoming month using their virtual assistant enabled device.

42% are conscious about hearing amazing offers and deals with different brands, upcoming events, and activities through their smart devices.

52 % like to hear about new deals, promotional messages and sales through their Virtual Digital Assistant devices rather than searching them through their computers.

For more information and stats refer to our infographic that is compiled by Go-Gulf.

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