How to Succeed at Sales Management

Managing a team is not everybody’s cup of tea, especially when it is a sales team. A sales team is always dealing with high pressure and is always in a quandary as to how they will reach their targets. The manager is equally responsible to help the team reach its targets as he is the one who is deciding the allocation of work. Sales management is an art which needs to be learnt and mastered and managing a huge team of highly motivated people can add a lot of work satisfaction.

Let us take a look at the various steps which can help in great sales management.

1. Counselling and motivating your team

Counselling a team of people can be of great help, especially if you see that they are going through troubles in their professional lives. As a manager you need to coach them out of these troubles and should be like a guiding star as far as work is concerned. This comes with a lot of expectations and you will be able to coach and counsel them only if you have a lot of experience in the sales field.

2. Start right at the time of hiring sales professionals

Right at the time you start hiring inside sales professionals, you need to look for that spark which will make them good at their job. As a manager and a sales professional you need to know that not everyone can sell and there are only a few who are good at this job. You need to hire people who will love what they do and as an experienced sales professional you will know that when the interview process is going on. Make great choices right at the beginning so that you don’t have to repent later.

3. Always show the value of leadership to your team members

Your team should look up to at all times. Anytime they need good advice, or guidance they should resort to you and come to you. Your purpose as a manager is to lead by all means and sometimes it also means to steer them out of a difficult situation through the years of experience that you have. Leadership skills are very important when it comes to being a good sales manager and it will take you some time to acquire and expertise over this subject.

4. Be moderately considerate when they have not really performed that well

Every employee goes through some difficult times and some good times as far as their performance is concerned. Hence the manager cannot be at their back all the time regarding their performance. Some sort of a breather needs to be given when the employee expresses that the challenges were too difficult to overcome at one go. The manager needs to show some consideration and should lead the way towards better handling of the situation at hand. Showing some consideration can help the employee deal with the situation better and with a cool head.

5. Experience is a great teacher

As a decision maker in the enterprise, you need to be mindful of the fact that hiring managers with great experience and long tenures is always good and it will definitely add value to the team that you are trying to create. Hence it is best to hire people with expertise and make use of the invaluable experience that they have had working with great people and great enterprises. It is important that you make sure that people who know how to deal with their colleagues well are hired as that is an important trait for leading.

6. A good sales manager should be great with people

A good sales manager should be great with people and should know how to deal with people and their problems on a daily basis. A people’s person should not necessarily be a people pleaser as giving good as well as bad feedback is an important part of the job. If the manager is a people pleaser he will never succeed in building great professional ethics among his people. Hence a manager should be a straight talker and should be able to give negative feedback with equal poise and grace.

7. The manager should be a team builder

Building teams require spending quality time with your colleagues and this can be through frequent team meetings, team outings and team get-togethers. The purpose should be to bond but it can take place through a lot of fun activities which will help the team know each other. It is important that the manager invests in these team building activities as they are very beneficial for the employees who will work with each other and sometimes may have to travel to various places with the team for work.

Hence these are the various ways a sales manager can succeed at his work and make sure that he imbibes and stands for great work ethics at any given time. A sales manager can struggle with various facets of his work but through good counselling and help he can steer his and his team’s way out of troubles.

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