Top 5 Brands And Celebrities That Use WordPress [Infographic]

WordPress should be the go-to content management system for anyone looking to be successful online. Since it is also a powerful website creation tool, it can create very attractive and highly functional websites that can attract many visitors.

Many individuals use the platform mostly for blogging, but with the right tools and setup WordPress excels in managing any type of content. The prodigious functionality of the CMS rests on three major pillars. They include administration tools, authoring tools, and collaboration tools.

The major brands that swear by WordPress include:

BBC America

Prior to the gradual transition toward WordPress, BBC America was using several different content management systems. Each show had its own section with unique needs and design. The change was prompted by the need to streamline the support and maintenance of into one platform. Presently, their site, is running on WordPress after a successful trial run with BBC America’s blog.


WordPress is used to power the popular business magazine Forbes. Its website sees numerous publications and attracts thousands of readers on a daily basis, but it works flawlessly, sporting its unique and recognizable look.


The Asian technological giant presents another frequently updated website, rich in visual content and enticing storytelling built on the CMS.

Tims Inc.

Tims Inc. is another company that utilizes the merits of WordPress implementation. Its site is HUGE. Despite being full of all types of content, it remains nimble and responsible, regardless of the device you use.


Vogue utilizes WordPress to inform the world about the latest fashion trends through the means of rich imagery and captivating galleries.

Celebrities have also jumped on the WordPress wagon. The most famous celebrities who use WordPress include:

Usain Bolt

The speed of the world’s fastest man can only be contended by the speed of his website.

Stephen Collins

The world-renowned famous blogger who uses

Serena Williams

The greatest female professional tennis player shares her pictures and blog posts through WordPress.

Martha Stewart

Mostly known for being a great chef, Martha Stewart uses WordPress to blog about her food.

Perez Hilton

You must be living under a rock if you don’t know Perez Hilton and his influence in blogging gossip and controversial celebrity stories. His famous site is powered by WordPress.

Not only do bloggers believe in the efficiency of WordPress, celebrities, and brands all over the world entrust it to power their websites.


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