The Top Gadgets Your Office Needs For 2019

by Emily on October 19, 2018

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Your Must Need Office Gadgets For 2019

Every business wants to get the best from its resources, employees and time. Getting your hands on the hottest new technology can lead to smoother office processes, rapidly completed tasks and a happier workforce. With this in mind, we’ve sought out the hottest gadgets to invest next year.

VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand

The rise of the creative and flexible office space has brought with it a need for compact alternatives to bulky and traditional workplace mainstays. One product which embodies this change is the VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand, a portable document scanner just 11 inches long that weighs under 200 grams. Battery powered and Wi-Fi enabled, the product checks document quality almost instantaneously, allowing you to say goodbye to those annoying trips to the photocopier.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Since its inception in 2015, the original Surface has fast become the benchmark for interactive whiteboards. The Surface Hub 2 is set to build on the product’s already renowned capabilities for remote collaboration and presentation. Microsoft aims to entice a new set of customers with a range of new features, packed into a smaller, lighter and thinner update. Individual screens now come on a rolling easel. Added to which, you can now rotate the screen and connect up to four screens together to increase the screen area. Microsoft’s product launch also showed a fingerprint interface, allowing different users to navigate to their own systems with the touch of a thumb. 

Turning Point Voting System

This gadget is the perfect accompaniment to the Surface Hub, providing real-time reaction for your workforce training, ideation and brainstorming scenarios. The intuitive devices require no introduction when handed to your team, who will be instantly able to respond to any closed polls of choice. Furthermore, receiving quantifiable data can be used for future decision-making; streamlining existing processes for collecting team feedback.

Fluidstance Board

Time for an analogue innovation. At first glance, the Fluidstance Boards looks like a skateboard minus the wheels. Built on the publicised health benefits of standing desks and walking meetings, the team behind Fluidstance have designed a balance board to be used while working. The idea being that by having to maintain your balance while you work, you’re working out your muscles and joints and improving your posture. Fluidstance have prepared a tonne of research to back up the benefits. Tests found that compared to sitting in an office chair, the product increases your energy expenditure by 19.2% and your heart rate by 15% (although apparently, you won’t make more typos while you wobble away). 

As the year draws to a close and the dark nights grow longer, why not let the light from a few new gadgets brighten your workplace? Shrewd investment in quality tech could bring improvements to all aspects of your business, from productivity to team morale. With the right technology, 2019 could be the year your business takes off.


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Adam October 22, 2018 at 09:13

Thanks for this article! We’re actually looking at the Microsoft Hub 2. It looks like a great addition to the office.

Jimmy February 20, 2019 at 09:27

It is great to see such informative data within your one blog. Here are so many things we can add for our office use. I would like to add one that is projector for meetings and conference within organization.


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