How To Utilise Virtual Presence With Virtual Offices

by Emily on March 8, 2018

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If you’re in a line of business that allows you or any of your team to work remotely, you’ve probably already heard of virtual offices. Maybe you’ve utilised one before or you’re working from one of these facilities right now.

Maximum productivity is normally the main goal for any business. It’s been said that people who work from home or who can create their own schedule are often more productive as they have greater job satisfaction. Virtual offices can serve as an extremely useful tool for those working remotely. But, do you know how to utilise your virtual office so that you’re getting the maximum value from your virtual presence?

Read on to find out how you can make the most out of your virtual presence with a virtual office.

Try Every Service on Offer

It’s easy to make the most of virtual offices if your service provider offers unlimited access to top class resources. Visit to explore all the services that premium virtual office providers have to offer.

You should experiment with all the features that are available. You’re free to drop services that you don’t find useful or indeed, upgrade to extra services you might need. Is a dedicated local telephone number something that may give you a greater presence? Have you considered a fax to email service? Or maybe a mailing address with postal management is more important in your line of work. If you don’t experiment with all the services on offer, you’ll never know.

Communication is Key

If you are working remotely while leading a team or liaising with other colleagues, communication will be your number one priority. This will ensure that everything runs seamlessly. Email and other communications software, voicemail and cloud services will, of course, be utilised but you should be clear about which resources are going to be used on a day to day basis so employees know to check in with them.

The same goes for communicating with clients. Your customers and clients should be able to contact you with ease. Premium service providers offer communications packages which include services like a local business telephone number with a dedicated receptionist who will answer calls in your company name, then transfer them to you anywhere in the world. You’ll never miss another business call again.

Enjoy the Freedom Gained

While it’s true that working remotely isn’t for everyone, if it suits your business and you are disciplined enough to work under your own initiative you should definitely make the most out of your new found freedom. You don’t have to make daily commute so you can save valuable time and instantly be more productive.

You can choose to work from wherever you want to be it from home or your favourite coffee shop. You can even go on a trip and work from the beach, pool or even a mountaintop (if there’s a signal!). With a virtual office, job freedom and flexibility are open to you. Embrace this freedom to its maximum potential!

Make Time to Network

When working remotely in your own blissful bubble, it can be easy to overlook networking and fail to make connections in your field or industry. Luckily, Virtual office service providers often host meetups, get-togethers and social networking events.

Definitely seize the chance to take advantage of these events because, as is often is the case in business, if you want to get ahead, it’s about making the right connections. Don’t get left behind because you work virtually – make opportunities a reality.

Make the Most out of Your Virtual Office

If you’re willing to give all the services on offer a go, maintain clear lines of communication with clients and team members, keep up productivity while enjoying your freedom and still make business connections, then there’s no reason why a virtual office can’t be utilised effectively.

If your business is one where technology can truly afford you the luxury of working from anywhere, then a virtual office is an excellent alternative to a traditional office space.

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Erika Ann March 19, 2018 at 08:53

Virtual offices are really great when you make the most of them. Cost effective, efficient, and productive.



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